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I saw this comment and I went digging kiaisi hii mambo ya Sossion .Kumbe alioa kunguru and true to kijiji wisdom ,haiwezi fungika .. The marriage didn't even last a year :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Wilson Sossion alionga lanye flani divorcee ilikuwa inaitwa Vivian in 2016 wakaachana after kutoka honeymoon, kuuliza hiyo lanye why they separated akanisho Sossion ni msee wa HKM kila time ni HKM no pu**y labda aoe tu @PHARMACY

Barely a year after a hushed but glitzy wedding, Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) Secretary General Wilson Sossion’s marriage has hit jagged rocks – irreparably so, it seems -The Nairobian can exclusively reveal.

The union has broken down beyond salvage and the 48-year-old union boss - who married Vivianne Kenduiywa, a dark, busty, 32-yearold beauty with a warm, killer smile, in April last year - kicked out his wife out of their Villa Franca home two months ago.

Despite repeated intervention from his wife’s family, Sossion is determined to end the marriage since he reportedly has proof that his wife of less than a year has been cheating on him. Sossion, a doting father of three children (the eldest is a student at Kenya School of Law) has been a single father since his wife, Monicah, died in a road accident in 2012.

After three years of loneliness, Sossion met and fell in love with Vivianne in late 2014. It was a whirlwind affair, with the lady posting pictures on social media of them touring various parts of the country. They were obviously very much in love. Vivianne, who has a diploma in nutrition from Kenyatta University, was a district nutrition officer in Fafi, Garissa County.

She would endure 13-hour bus rides to Nairobi once a month. The moment Sossion fell for her, everything changed. She stopped the exhausting bus rides and instead started flying to Nairobi every weekend. Gone was the silver Mitsubishi Lancer she used to borrow from her sister, and in its place, Sossion acquired a brand new Sh5 million Land Cruiser, with the same colour and specifications as his.

Months later, Sossion asked for Vivianne’s hand in marriage and the couple held a low-key ceremony on April 29, 2016 at the Attorney General’s chambers before holding a mega wedding attended by politicians and influential business people.

The bride was picked from herKericho home in a helicopter. When the couple moved in together, Vivianne stopped taking alcohol as she firmly fitted herself into the role of a wife and stepmother to Sossion’s three children. Soon, her social media pages were awash with endless pictures of her and her stepchildren.

But five months into the wedding, cracks started appearing in what the public had gotten to know as a perfect relationship. Vivianne, now jobless, rode into Kabarak University in her new Land Cruiser for a master’s degree, all paid for by Sossion.

But like a master teacher who can tell the naughty student who breaks wind at the back of the class, a nagging feeling would make Sossion, an Egerton University trainedagriculture teacher, suspicious.

Sources close to the couple intimate to The Nairobian that Sossion hired private detectives who unraveled her affair with a wealthy man based in Eldoret. Sossion immediately threw her out and has resisted pleas by her family to forgive her.

“He has dates, times, text messages and all evidence of her affair with the man in Eldoret. He never approached the man, but just called the girl and told her to continue her relationship with her new boyfriend, since he was leaving her. She was devastated and has been trying to reach out to Sossion unsuccessfully,” reveals our source, who adds that the girl has now been banished from Nairobi, and has been living with her grandparents in Kericho for the past two months.

Our source further reveals that Vivianne’s problem with Sossion was that the trade unionist was still in contact, and supporting Karen Lang’at, a woman he has a son with. Vivianne had insisted that Sossion cut links with the baby mama and stop supporting her since he was now married.

A look at Vivianne’s social media pages reveals that she has since changed her name from Vivianne K Sossion to Viv N Viv. She has also deleted the trove of pictures she took of her and Sossion’s children and her wedding. She has even unfriended Sossion’s eldest daughter, whom she used to tag in all her posts on Facebook. Further, she no longer sports her wedding ring.

When contacted by The Nairobian, Vivianne listened keenly to our questions before laughing off the matter. “I can’t speak to someone I don’t know,” she said before hanging up.


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