Why you should never marry a woman that never had time to have fun.


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This kunguru is clearly a lowlife who belongs to the streets. How do you even entertain a conversation after alphabet na grammar zipigwe KO ivo. I can bet my left kidney and my right testicle that thot is not worth a second glance.


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I disagree. A high mileage woman will not change her habits just because you married her. Tabia ya mwanamke hujulikana mapema. Ukitaka vizuri usioe mwanamke ako na tabia za kunguru. Na ukijua ni kunguru toka.
i agree, i smashed one knowing he has aboyfriend, theings got serious between them and they got married... 1.5 years down the line, she brought the ikus back to me na nikachapa poa.... and still hitting the pu**y occasionally with full knowledge am not alone. to give credit where its due, sisemi jamaa wake ako na tooth pick, lakini hiyo ikus iko tight as it has always been despite kufugwa na ndume full time. makes me doubt the concept of high mileage
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The problem and the biggest mistake all of you are making is believing what a lady who is cheating on her husband saying.

And hence coming up with shitty theories, explanations etc
Has somebody ever told you that employ this guy who used to be a thief he has stole and is now tired of stealing

Or do not employ this guy because he has never stole and will soon begin stealing thoroughly because of him never stealing and hence kind of missing a 'stage'

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!