What A Country!: Officials within the Kenya National Examination Council Sold Exams...


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KNEC Facilitated Exam Cheating in KCSE 2022 - MPs Report
  • By ROBINSON NDUNGU on 23 March 2023 - 7:46 pm

    Education CS Ezekiel Machogu
National Assembly's Committee on Education Thursday, March 22, revealed that investigations established that some officials within the Kenya National Examination Council facilitated exam cheating during the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

Speaking in a hearing session in Mombasa, Julius Melly - the Committee's Chairperson, revealed that findings showed that officials in the KNEC shared copies of the examination papers in exchange for money.

Further, the Committee raised concerns over the sudden shift in the performance of some of the schools that registered high grades and overall mean scores in the 2022 exams.

KNEC Headquarters at Mitihani House on Dennis Pritt Road, Nairobi.

According to the members, an analysis of the past performances registered in the schools under scrutiny showed massive deviation hence raising the question of the impact made within the short period.

"There was cheating in the exam of 2022. And the members of the public have put it very clear that most of the cheating originated from the council itself," Melly stated.

Education CS Ezekiel Machogu

On their part, teachers who made submissions before the committee divulged some elements placed within the examination body engaged in selling examination papers, a business they described as highly lucrative. o_O

Further, the teachers called for stern prohibitive measures, including establishing an independent body to provide oversight on KNEC in its mandate of administering national examinations.

“It is a system that is corrupt. I am told this has happened and then I look the other side. If we leave this unpunished the cartels will be bolder," a representative told the committee.

Members of the committee announced that investigations into the conduct of the 2022 KCSE will be completed in two months. Subsequently, the Committee will compile a report recommending action against the culprits.

The Committee will, in the meantime, continue traversing the nation for the public hearing sessions. However, the MPs ruled out the possibility of cancellation of results for the candidates who sat the 2022 KCSE.

In January, Education Cabinet Secretary dismissed reports insinuating that the exam was marred with rampant cheating despite public outcry over some of the results posted in some schools.

A host of schools, specifically in Kisii Nyanza, sparked a nationwide debate after registering a sudden rise to the list of top performers and eclipsing some of the recently known big names.


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This doesn't surprise me at all. The human being is terribly, incorrigibly, incontrovertibly, undeniably corrupt to the core.

And we Kenyans take it to another whole new level.

At least in some developed countries there appears to be a semblance of holding people to account, of some kind of air of lawfulness which makes those doing wrong work harder and smarter in a bid to conceal their crimes.

But in Kenya its just blatant, in-your-face impunity. "Uta do?" Its people carting away public money in sacks to go bury them inside of properties they bought using more looted monies. Its people forming shell companies and "winning" tenders worth hundreds of millions or billions to supply "thin air"; its people inside of "government" working with other crooks to defraud unsuspecting, hard-working, law abiding, church-going, tax burdened, long-suffering citizens.

And mind-numbingly the same people are elected into bigger, even more powerful posts!!!!!

It is essentially a story of a country cannibalizing itself from the inside out. Unless we change course soon It will go on until there's nothing left.


Monocotyledon Combuster
Nilisema soon, Kenyan qualifications will be at par with those of somalia. Watu wajifunze technical skills coz huko ndio hakuna rigging. No way a mechanic or plumber will get by on a qualification acquired through cheating. Lakini kama wewe na watu wa kwenyu mnauza ile mali kidogo mko nayo kwenda kufanya Bcom ama BBA. Ole wenu. You will have to compete with lying and cheating scumbags.
I got suspicious when we had a village barasa sometime ago.
As much as parents were celebrating their kids transition to university despite the challenges and hardships...lots of the kids were switching courses coz kids couldnt handle the technical courses they applied for...most of them were switching back to education.
Kuna mmoja alichoose international relations...alidrop out juu hakua anashika any.
Most of the kidos had ma b+ a- ndio nikaskia mzae mmoja akisema hii story ya kupea watoi leakage iishe i hear the school princi ndio alikuwa ana support hio vice ya kusaka leakage.
Watoi wanajoin na hawagraduate bana.