Wangapi wamesalimiana na Diana

Stee bn

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I've only fucked bitches from tagged once in my life it happend around 2018, tukiongea we have a 3some we didn't talk about price or anything so I picked them in tao went to my crib we had drinks I couldn't trust them so I called my cousin just to be safe we fucked them all night nd later mid day the next day dropped them in tao nikawapea fare sikulipia ass for a whole night nd they didn't ask me for shit:D:D


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Dating sites are funny.. the charges are exorbitant.. say 3k, ulipe room say 2k , kuna other expenses like food/drinks etc.

With 1-2k, unaingia Kwa lanye anakupea vizuri na mnamalizana.


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Actually she charged me 2500 but the days and weeks that followed were worst. Everyday anataka 200 ya lunch, 150 ya fare, mtoto ni msick na hana kitu, amekatiwa stima, mum amekuja na hana fare ya kumrudisha, endless needs and every time all ni emergencies. I had to block her number with no notifications.
Wtf, So you paid for her pu**y and she was still asking for upkeep money?