Threats from Sampesa ltd.


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Samuel Murigi Waigwa of sampesa agency Ltd. had a fraud case on April this year, he tried to con a home owner 12 million house by paying only Ksh 240,000.:D:D:D

Margaret Wambui Gathiga v Samuel Murigi Waigwa [2018] eKLR




ELC CASE NO.637 OF 2017





The matter coming up for determination is the Plaintiff’s/Applicant’s Chamber Summons application dated 28th June 2017, brought under Sections 1A, 1B, 3 and 3A of the Civil procedure Act. The Applicant has sought for the following orders:-

1) Spent.

2) That the Defendant immediately stops the purported renovations on LR.No.18136 IR 59651, in Juja, Kiambu County, belonging to the Plaintiff.

3) That the Defendant do vacate and hand over the said property to the Plaintiff.

4) That in default or failure to vacate the said property the Defendant be condemned to pay monthly rent of Kshs.75,000/= from 16th February 2017, the date of occupation, until he vacates and hands over the said property to the Plaintiff or the determination of this suit or IN THE ALTERNATIVE the Defendant pays the amount of Kshs.11,760,000/= being the balance of the purchase price together with interest thereon at court rates from 16th February 2017 up to the payment of the said balance of the purchase price in addition to the said monthly rent and within 30 days from the date of this application.

5) That the costs of this application be in the cause.

This application is premised on the following grounds:-

a) By a purported sale agreement dated 16th February 2017, the Defendant purported to purchase the said property for an agreed amount of Kshs.12,000,000/=.

b) That through fraud, deceit and/or misrepresentation the Defendant/Respondent without the authority of the Plaintiff proceeded to occupy the said property in the month of February 2017, on the pretense that he intended to renovate the property and having paid only Kshs.240,000/=.
kumbe CEO ni conman tuu.
This is how nyakundi operates. I wouldn't even be surprised its him. Threats of sabotage.
But at least Nyakundi says the truth, though laced with matusi. Najua you people in gava hate him because he is everyday exposing your dirty deeds. look at all these scandals coming up. Nyakundi had in one way or another spoken about them, but since you hate him you cant see


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@kamote the don kuja hapa utete huyu... as per your statement. Seems you will have to delete the Internet also:D:D:D

"Dear all this post is by all chance deemed to sabotage a fully fledged company all out with goodwill to create business opportunities for land owners. I have been to their office in Westlands and I can confirm they are a serious company. I feel people should not be misled by mediocre views of some half baked information spit out without careful investigation. One should visit their offices in Westlands Business Park 6th Floor to understand their services in detail. I have been there na nimesaidika."


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An individual from Sampesa ltd has launched an attack against free speech.

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The thread in question is this one,
But just curious @admin, you have a lot of details on this guy, he used an email to sign up for an account, if you want, you can log him out and make him verify his account with a phone number. Then you’ll have that too. You also have his IP address, it would be so easy to unmask this chap