They had planned to kill H.E

Could this be the reason why Arap Mashamba and Uhunye dont see eye to eye?
I this is true, then Ruto will lose a very huge chunk of central support.
It requires such propaganda to sway the masses by opening the old wounds (read kiambaa massacre)


Village Elder
In a surprise decision that apparently caught his security and protocol officers by surprise, Uhuru changed his mind about boarding his jet at the Kisumu International Airport at the eleventh hour on Saturday evening and instead accompanied Raila in a tour of Kisumu town.

Driving in two cars with a skeleton security detail, the leaders, accompanied by Kisumu Deputy Governor Mathews Owilli, made a surprise visit to Kisumu Port before crossing over to the nearby Yatch Club for fish and ugali.

Sources at the airport said the President had told his security commandant that he did not need an elaborate escort. No one noticed them as they drove in two black SUVs, from the airport into Obote Road and finally into the port shortly after 6pm.

Police officers in two Land Cruisers trailed the President’s unmarked car from a distance.

Uhuru and Raila had earlier attended the burial of former National Youth Fund boss Bruce Odhiambo in Koru. They flew from the funeral in two separate choppers into the Kisumu International Airport, where the Head of State was to change planes to Nairobi.

Not saying this is true lakini kuna a bit of coincidence...
Diversion propaganda,It is Uhuru Kenyatta and Co. who are planning on how to assasinate people in Ruto's camp,Why would Ruto in his right mind think about doing such a thing yet he is only a deputy president