The Restaurant Business Planner

Do you plan to start a Restaurant and yet to get clarity on the following :

What equipment you require? Kitchen, Preparation, Cooking, Dinner and other?
In what quantities?
How much will the equipment cost?
What about the premises ?
What are the possible renovations required?
How much will renovations cost?
What licenses do you require?
How much will the licenses cost?
Who issues the licenses ?
What human resources do you require?
What's the possible cost of the human resources?
What is the possible menu?
What are the raw food portions?
What are the possible costs?
What are the pre-operational costs (capital)
What are the operational expenses?
What profits or losses are you likely to make ? Based on pricing,
table turnover and expenses?
What are the possible monthly and annual scenarios?

Then this Restaurant Business Planner is for you. It's pre-populated with all the key figures based on actuals from a sample of restaurants.

Still, it in Excel so you can adjust as need be. And intelligent. You can play around with the numbers to view different scenarios.

We have also included financial projections, item by item breakdown of equipment, licenses, premises requirements, expenses, costs, manpower and much more.

All in a simple easy to use manner.

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