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I follow Nairobi Hospital on IG.Yesterday I saw a post about free diabetic and cardiology check up and I decided to check it out today.They did blood sugar test,ikatokea chonjo,blood pressure test,chonjo pia.What jazzed me is the prostate cancer test.These days they just take a blood sample and place it on a test strip and add a reagent and wait for 15 minutes for results.This test also turned negative.
What impressed the most is that after telling them that there has been a history of high blood pressure,they asked about the duration then recommended I do a ECG test and a Echo test.ECG is for electrical activity,which I passed.Echo shows the size and function of the heart.Also shows how much blood the heart is able to pump.At first I refused coz I thought the free check up was bait so that one can now pay for more expensive tests.Was surprised that both will be done for free.Echo is quite expensive at Nairobi Hospital, so nilibambika kuambiwa ni free.Frankly I expected an enlarged ventricle or something as the echo result coz I drank alcohol heavily almost 15years before quitting.And just before quitting I had graduated to the faxe 10% and of late OJ16% zenye hata ningekunywa tano in a single sitting.Nilijua lazima kutakua na kasoro flani kwa heart hata kama ni kidogo.Was pleasantly surprised kuambiwa echo inashow heart iko normal sssaidi.The human body is truly resilient.Left me wondering mtu amepata heart failure ama kidney failure alikua anakunywa pombe kiasi gani banae if 15years of heavy drinking hazikuharibu zangu.
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Nairobi Hospital walifungua IG account juzi.Mostly nazipata huko.Twitter account yao naona wakipost tu ma corporate stuff.Follow Agakhan pia wnakuanga na mpaka za men checks ups only either free ama heavily subsidized.
@Agwambo hizi free check ups huwa unazipata aje? Nimekuwa nikizitafuta sizipati. I really need a good quality check up. Ukipata check up ingine ya free uniambie. They can go a long way in helping me and also reduce a strain on my pocket.
@MayDay you referred me to a quack doctor and I lost my 5k. Hukufanya poa bro.