The Maize Milling Business Guide

Do you want to start a Maize Milling Business? Unga wa ugali?

Then get this 85-page guide which contains:

1. Overview

2. The Opportunity

3. The Upcountry Choice – Case Study

4. Case Study - The Choice of Nairobi
The Advantages

5. Target Market
Keys to Success.

6. The Product
Product Details.
Wholemeal versus Sifted Flour – The Realities
Product Details: Packaging

7. The Market Analysis
Industry Outlook.
Barriers to Entry
Maize Consumption in Kenya: Some Figures
Maize Consumption by Region
Maize Consumption by Urban Center
Trends in the Maize Flour Business in Kenya

8. Key Customers
Customer Profiles
Lower-Income Consumers
Middle-Income Consumers

9. Competition: Description and Comparison.
Case Study: Millers & Brands
Brands: Some Images
Fast Selling Brands – Nairobi.
Brands by Strength
Brand Strength: Shelf Space
Brand on Shelves: Positive Traits
Brand on Shelves: Negative Traits
Existing Brands: SWOT
Marketing and Sales Strategies.
Maize Flour: Consumer Expectations
Miller to Consumer Chain
Distribution: Retailer
Generating Demand: Two Methods
Sample Advertising Rates
Retailer Brand Choice: Quality
Quality: Retailer &Customer Opinion
Quality: Broad strokes

10. Availability
Retailers: Stocking Independent Brands
Retailers: Willingness to Stock New Brand.

11. Pricing
Retailer Distribution: Things To Think About
Retailer: Sales Averages
Retailer Stocking: Margins
Sales Process Flow
Retailers & Consumers: Choosing Your Brand

12. Production Plan.
Production Flow
Milling Equipment
Notes on Equipment
Milling Equipment: Factors To Consider
Non Milling Equipment
Equipment: Possible Set Up
Equipment Suppliers
Premises: Design Concerns
Possible Layout of A Maize Mill
Premises: Extra Renovations
Raw Material Requirements

13. The Maize Value Chain
Value Chain Notes
Shelf Life
Basic Staff: Basic Structure
Basic Staff: Advanced Structure
Staff: Possible Roles
Support Services

14. Licenses

15. Packet Design
Trends in Packet Design
KEBS Guidelines on Packaging
Packets: Observations.
Packet Design Process
Cost of Packets
Packet Design: Factors to Consider
Packet Printing: Some Companies
Barcode Providers

16. Revenue
Cost of Maize
Cost of Sifting the Flour
Cost of Packaging
Cost of Distribution and Marketing
Revenue: Total Cost of Producing a Packet

17. Production Planning, Management, and Miscellaneous Tips

18. Questions to Ask

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