Explicit THE MAID Episode 13 & 14


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Episode 13
Stanley entered in the bathroom and closed the door behind him.He gazed at me for a moment before grabbing me close to him ,we were both Naked.He kissed my lips ,rolling his tongue against mine,he did it so passionately that I could feel my body starting to 'burn'.He opened the shower such that it started sprinkling water on our bodies,he then adjusted the shower heater to warm the water."Stanley aki! what are you doing ",I asked him not really understanding if he wanted to f**k me inside the bathroom." Relax ,let's have a bath together"He told me smiling smearing some soap on my body. Stanley was driving me crazy, It had never dawned on me that a man and a woman would shower together.

The feeling was awesome, warm water flashing my body as Stanley caressed it with his magic hands.The feeling got me horny as he stroked my breasts and caressed them ,I reached for his d*ck ,it hard become erect already looking might.I started caressing and squeezing it gentle that it became even harder,I took soap and I applied on Stanley's body before settling again at his d*ck.I started stroking it,I reached for his balls and caressed them gently, I could tell it was feeling sweet as Stanley closed him eyes while his face was glowing like that of someone dreaming swimming in a pool of cash.All this time Stanley was holding me close to him,he was already on my clit..teasing it with his middle finger and the other hand caressing by buttocks.

The shower soothed us rinsing all the soap on our body ,it was such an experience, I felt sweet sensation sailing in my nerves all over my body,I closed my eyes as I enjoyed they rhythm,Stanley was closing his eyes too.We did our thing like for 20 minutes. Stanley could not hold the desire to penetrate me any longer,he lifted me up to his waist as I locked my legs behind his back,my pu**y was already well lubricated as I was really horny wet down there. He pushed himself inside me and penetrated me ,I felt a sudden wave of heat run across my body through my nerves to my medulla ,I screamed due to sweetness,I held Stanley tight as he pumped me giving me a f**k in an amazing standing position, That morning his seemed mightier and harder than previously, I was even waiting him to come faster but I was wrong."f**k me harder ,do it harder beb,tear my pu**y apart beb,push it harder"

I found myself telling Stanley who was thrusting and pumping me like crazy .I would feel his Dingdong slithering in and out of my pu**y,stimulating my vagina walls causing such a sweet sensation which made feel like I was in cloud 9 as shower rained on us making the whole experience sweet and wanting.Stanley reached for tap and closed it,The water stop showering us,he moved with me holding me in that position to my bed, his d*ck still inside my pu**y.He gently dropped me on the bed such that he was on top of me,he fucked me until my pu**y became hot,I could not hold it any longer, my body was already trembling with pleasure, I screamed as Stanley moaned ,I erupted like a volcano as i literary saw some stars when I closed my eyes as fluids flowed out of my pu**y ,Stanley body became stiff as he moaned loudly pressing by body hard on the bed,I knew him too was Cumming,his body trembled as he ejaculated deep inside me.He breathed so had as he dropped beside me.

I felt relaxed as my body cooled ,I placed one my leg on top Stanely caressing his back with my hand.We slept in that position for like one hour before Stanely suddenly woke up and checked time on my table clock,it was 11am.."There is someone I want to see in town at noon",He told me reaching his short to wear,and behold a packet written on top Viagra fell down on the floor from his short pocket.."Whats that beb"' I asked him ,I had never seen such kind of drug that at first I thought its a condom."This is called Viagra it makes a man stronger while in bed"Stanely told me so casually smiling putting the packet on his pocket."No wonder he was that strong that morning.He had taken some viagra just to f**k hard my honeypot.It was none my business though,

All I was interested in is to make a fortune."He wore the short and his vest and kissed my chin as I was still in bed,I was still feeling dizzy. "Mama Jade will bring you the phone I promised you sweetheart, I convinced her that we buy you a phone as result of hard worked" Stanely told me smiling closing his one eye a little like if he meant giving him my pu**y was part of that' hardwork'.I was amused by how Stanely was easily calling sweetheart while I almost young enough to be his daughter.I kissed his chin as a sign of saying thank you.He reached his pocket and removed some 1000 notes.."I think even your mum needs a reward for siring such a beautiful sweet daughter",Stanely told as he handed me the money,I knew he meant I send the money to mum.I didn't even count the money I placed it under the pillow and slept,I was still feeling dizzy.

The Episode 14

I woke up at 2pm.It was on a Friday.Stanely was already gone ,I went to the bathroom and took a shower before going to relax on the sitting room.I switched on the TV and I found a program going ,it was about women health and various ways of family planning. I decided to follow the program now that I was sexually active.I learnt different ways of family planning as the guest doctor on the TV gave thorough explanations on how to go about it.The doctor aslo discouraged the use of a P2 as a method of family planning citing it to be disastrous to woman health.I decide to do a family planning instead of using the p2's..

I settled for Depo Provera.The doctor said It was to be injected after every three months.But to be safe I decided to 'eat' my p2 before I went to the clinic for injection. I went outside and sent our gate-man to buy the P2 for me."Grace if you are still sick why not go to the hospital for a check up it seems this drugs are not helping you",Simon our gate man told after coming back with the p2,he had no idea that it was an emergency pill.I just smiled and told him if it persists I will go to hospital. "How far did you go in terms of education", I asked Simon. "Class five", He told looking sad."When both our parents died we could no longer continue with school.., we started doing manual jobs for our survival",Simon added." And what happened to your parents Simon?" I asked him curiously.

"They died of HIV aids,my father was very evil ,he always slept around with prostitutes who infected him with the virus and later he infected my mum,I hate him even today", Simon told me with a lot bitterness. That statement made feel like a prostitute ,sleeping with father and son.That meant if Stanely infected me with HIV his son would also be in danger."Grace are you OK" Simon asked me after realising I was lost in thought. "No,nothing just that I pity you", I lied. "And how old are you Simon ?", I asked him faking a smile ." Am turning 27 this month"Simon told me .

I was surprised because I thought he was older than that.Poverty has has way of humiliating people making them look old and emaciated.Simon was a dark tall guy but he was slim..though he had a broad chest with no much Flesh on it may due to his alcoholic lifestyle~he always had a moonlight bottle in his pocket ~ and he rarely ate his food."Simon are you married? ",I found myself asking Simon." I marry a wife to be eating what?I will marry when I get enough money that can sustain a family, right now I save the little I get"Simon told me."What about a girlfriend? Do you have one?" I asked him.

He looked to me like he never expected such a question from me."For now I don't have a girlfriend,my Ex gal left me saying she could not cope with that level of poverty I was in ,she later got married to a teacher and they have one child now"Simon told me looking emotional,it seemed he really loved that girl from his face expression, I didn't want that story to go on.I reached my bra and removed the notes that Stanely had given me I counted it .It was 6000 shillings. "Simon I need a favour,go to the mpesa just across the road and deposit these 5500shillings in your phone number then you come we send it to my mum", I told him handing over the money to him faking a smile to woo him as I was used to send him whenever I needed something from shop.Simon had an old phone Techno C118 .

I noticed Simon staring my breasts as I gave him the money then he withdrew when he realized I saw him." Grace its not yet end month where did you get all this money from?" He asked me looking suprised."I also save the little I get "I lied to him.He went and did as I requested.We sent the money to my mum and I called her to confirm that she had received the money.She was very happy. " My daughter may God continue blessing you am very proud of you and be a good girl",she paused a little and then told me "And by the way do you know I just realised today is your birthday,you just turned 18years,and I was thinking its high time you register for a an ID card now that you are of age", my mum told me.I assured her I will register.We talked so many things until the airtime was finished.I was surprised it was almost 4 years since I did my KCPE,time really flies." Hey Grace your balance "Simon told me handing 500kes note."You can keep it for being good to me.", I told simon who his face glowed with a smile with the mention of 'you can keep it'." Thank you so much grace " He told me as i went back to the house for evening chores.

"Good evening everybody " Monica greeted us as she entered the house smile written all over her face.I was serving her children uji" when she entered. Sharon jumped and went hug her mum Favour followed. Jade just gottad her mum as usual..taking another sip of uji."Grace here is you reward as promised! " ,Monica told me with a smily face holding a brand new infinix Smart' Phone."Thanks so much ma'am ,God bless you",I found myself telling Monica .I was very happy that my dream of owning a phone had finally come true,But there was a problem I had no simcard."Grace come here I show you how to operate"Jade told me.He was very used to smartphones that when his dad's or his mum's phone misbehaved he could easily fix them."But I don't have a simcard ",I told jade ." Don't worry we shall buy tomorrow don't you know Dad promised to take us out tomorrow we shall buy on our way",Jade told me as he started unboxing it.Jade used to own a simcard he inserted it in the phone then did some setting as he showed me how to operate it.It also had a front camera.Jade took a selfie of both of us all smiles.

We were about to have supper when Stanely Joined us.He came late that day and he looked kind of a little drunk."Am taking everybody out tomorrow as I promised ,so wake up early we shall leave at 8am",Stanely said squeezing some ugali with his fingers.The supper was ugali with some meat stew.Sharon and Favour were so happy." But unfortunately I won't be with you because I got a special meeting tomorrow that I can't fail to attend ",Monica said looking at Stanely."Its OK us we shall go and have fun", Stanely said looking at Sharon."Mummy don't worry you shall be represented by untie grace" Sharon told her mum ,a statement that me feel a wave of fear hit my nerves."Yes she will take care of you",Monica answered Sharon.She didn't take the statement as I thought.

Later it was time to sleep Everybody went to sleep except Jade who was left watching a movie at the sitting room .I was always the last person to sleep as I did the washing and prepare for the next morning. When I was done I went and joined Jade at the sitting room.Jade shifted from where he was seated to where I was.I knew he wanted to caress my fundamentals but I was not ready for that..in fact I had decided not to let him touch me again.."Stop it Jade am not in the mood" I told jade who was already trying to seduce me.I left him there and went to bed. But he switched off the TV and followed me.
To be continued>>>>