Racism in church now?

africa being third world and any other continent being developed has nothing to do with skin color of the people who reside in it.
Dammat, i told you to stop trying to make africans look good in the bedwenches eye.... Work on yourself esteem and stop trying to make other look at you like equal especially bedwenches whom should be encouraged to look down on africans and thus keep away from africans.


Village Elder
I don't feel inferior to anyone. I think having interacted with me here, you know I don't feel inferior to men or to any other race. Belonging to a gender or a race that is deemed inferior and justifiably so doesn't translate into every individual in that race or gender being inferior. In every group, be it gender, race, tribe there are always exceptional people. I know that I may belong to both a race and a gender that's deemed inferior and justifiably so, but that does not deem me as an individual inferior or every last person in that group inferior.

Let's forget about being politically correct and just spit the facts. What the hell is wrong with black people? Why is it that every single place they go, they're at the bottom? Look at Haiti. Look at Jamaica. Look at African Americans. Look at Africa. Look at Liberia. Look at Kenya. We are a mess as a people. You know it. I know it. Explain this to me. We as Africans emancipated ourselves from colonialists. Then couple of decades later our people become so desperate that they start to migrate to Europe. They die in the ocean. They are willing to die to go be a white man or Arabs slave. Look at how many Africans go to the Arabic peninsula in spite of the horror stories from there. Our people are more desperate now than ever because we can't make anything of ourselves. It's not like we can't it's that we chose not to. Rwanda and Botswana chose to make it and they did it. What is there to be proud of when your country men can't find work and go die in Arab slavery? Is that superiority or even equality to you? Every successful nation has a sense of patriotism. The country comes first but for us blacks individual interests of the few supercede those of country. I don't even know what to say about Africans anymore. I really don't. We are just pathetic. That's the fact. I am big enough to admit it. With the attitude we have, we will never be a superpower, our people will always be running to Arabs and Europeans because we can't sustain them. I get mad. I really do. We just want to remain at the bottom.
True, although the black race has been shown the way to becoming self-sufficient, it seems to be an enemy of itself.


Village Elder
That said, I disagree with the scathing dressdown that has bent rent upon black men. It's unfair to place the ingenuity of black men upon the ruler of western civilization. The same way it would be unfair to judge the ability of white men were you to place them in a "remote" African village. It's a process and I'm sure many have witnessed the creativity, hardwork and heck, innovativeness of black men AND women from music, visual arts and even science. We need to stop the self hate.
The same way we have very high IQ black men and women is the same way we have very pea-brained white men and women. All of us bleed the same and white race/asian/arab systems that we are busy talking about took centuries to achieve those said systems. Rwanda is doing it now, took less that 30 years! Be proud for once.