Quick question guys


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When i was 30 i engaged a 37 years old woman,then tukakosana,the engagement got broken,her bros and the rest of the family hated me like nonesense.We had dated and enjoyed serious sex etc for two years.She could come to Msa for work and postpone her flight to Monday morning at 5am instead of Saturday so that she can get enough dickmentation.Before long she could come to Msa four times a month aki fake story za job.
Moved on,deleted all the evidence everywhere in social media,contacts etc etc.Five years later,a pal whatsapps me and says,'please check out xxx's facebook posts,seems like she has been fighting cancer'.I didnt check out anything,didnt want any horror stories.He still sent me some of her nasty looking photos anyway.Maze the look iliniumiza venye amekulwa na cancer.I dont wish cancer to anyone.
I am just glad i dodged a bullet.