Official leather shoes shops

You want quality affordable shoes and clothes - travel with an empty suitcase and buy in bulk. What you find in Kenya is hit or miss. The ship has sailed for Bata


Village Elder
House of leather for budget shoes go for those worth 8K and above. Than more importantly learn how to polish and maintain leather. Then get some shoe stays.. wooden ones will cost up to 10K but on Amazon you can get a set of plastic ones for 2k.

Also invest in a good leather conditioner, cream and wax. If you're buying the stays on amazon..I highly recommend you also buy the conditioner cream and wax there. I highly recommend Saphir products.If your budget allows buy a horse-hair shoe brush. Then use a decent technique to polish your leather. Remember everything applied to the leather is done with a cloth and not a shoe brush. Only use your brush to shine the shoe.

For me it takes me about an hour and a half to polish my shoes (cumulatively) and I do it once a month. Hizo nyakati zingine ni kuwipe na kitambaa. In the morning I only inspect the leather for inconsistencies and wear my shoes.
One of the main reasons for the enormous popularity of leather shoes is their breathability. This nuance is critical because it affects your comfort level and, ultimately, your health - if only because there is a noticeable increase in the risk of fungus on your feet in a very humid environment. Another benefit of natural leather is its appearance. And over time, high-quality leather becomes nobler in appearance - not even the finest leatherette can do that. And as for ordinary shoes, there are also very high quality and comfortable models. Even if you take adidas yeezy boost 350, they are perfect for everyday walking and will be no worse than leather shoes.


Senior Villager
I disagree, Adidas make quality shoes too. Their policy changed when competitors appeared and the same reebok nike began to squeeze them out of the market. So they went back to the old days and produce what they know how to do just to keep people's minds in the past when there wasn't much choice. I shopped at for special shoes and appreciated the quality too, it was like they invented something comfortable and new, but nobody could think of it before. Although my trainer says you need special shoes for running, I prefer something I'm comfortable in.