Mwanaume ni kucross legs

Tom Bayeye

Village Chief
I will not put my junk into such predicament,besides my gonads will not let me. Why constrict your manhood with such faggotty pose.No wonder wanavaa skin tight jeans and still sit like that. Hii tunachia duduu ndogo commitee wajistiri. Mwanaume nikukaa kama @mswati like you own the place.


Village Elder
Kwani kuna shida gani mwanaume akicross legs. I think there is no problem. Though I may not know what you meant by saying manaume kucross legs. Generally, it is the women that always sit down while crossing the legs. For a man, it seens awkward and that is why some people think that it is wrong. But you should remember that it is never written anywhere that men should not cross the legs. For me, I like sitting while crossing my legs because I feel okay while doing that. Therefore ypu should never be a shamed of sitting while crosing the legs as a man. It is has never been documented anywhere on earth.