Middle Class Hypocrites


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...subject to kanju brutality. I hope the government can recognise the hardworking nature of kenyans and facilitate them instead of harrassing peopl
You cant sell food and foodstuffs in a place without water and toilets especially in the middle of the corona pandemic. The Public health dept should close those illegal markets ASAP.


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COVID 19 may cost 305 million full time jobs worldwide. So there is nothing the middle class need to be ashamed of in trying to earn an extra income. In fact 40% of US adults cant handle a Kshs 40,000 unexpected expense


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I think if we adopt a positive mindset we can transform the economy. It starts with the middle class embracing a diverse range of informal jobs to revamp the economy. Those that portray Kenya as Vumbistan while doing odd jobs abroad are not doing us a favor.

In my corporate field of work we deal with a lot of NGOs that are doing impressive work in the grassroots to uplift people’s lives. The gap that I see not being met are the middle class because a lot of focus is among the rural and urban poor.

So let’s hope this entrepreneurial spirit, not just for food items but also other commodities and services continues even Post Covid. This should become our new normal.
This has to hand in hand with govt policies that encourage such businesses. Soon someone from the government that we elected will start ripping those guys off. Ukitoka hapo KRA wanakungoja. Then some politician is importing cheaper goods from outside to undercut these guys.

That is why we need to pay attention to the guys we elect. Especially locally. If we get it right locally eventually hata hizo viti kubwa will get the right guys.


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It has become the new norm. Survival. Back to the basics.

Yes, back to the basics. Happy are those who live in the countryside, who are contented with little. For little is much. I saw this interesting documentary about a rastafarian who lives on a kibbutz with fellow Jamaicans. He said that God's people are farmers and flock keepers, uncomplicated people. Covid has laid bare the farce that is the highly urbanized, expensive, manufactured modernity. Crap! I read an article about how New Yorkers are abandoning New York in droves. It took a pandemic for people to see clearly that what matters at the end of the day is the basics........a simple house, farmed food, fresh open air and family.


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I don't see how this is inspiring. It's people who have lost their livelihood basically left with no choice but to "hustle" and it is devastating to see our people suffer. Yaani naelewa hiii hustle mentality lakini there's a deeper issue with our society if this is what people have to resort to in order to survive. And mind you, these are people who have cars and are of relative means compared to your average nduthi riding Kenyan. I can only imagine the struggles of watu wa mtaaani if the so called middle class are hawking mboga.


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The so called middle class has a lot of wannabes riddled with lifestyle debts.Simply people need to live below their means and have emergency funds.