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TRUSTED INTER-BUSINESS LTD is a legally registered company in Tanzania under the Business registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) and Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA). It was established on 8th of December 2010. It’s a marketing research company but also dealing with Project management, Import and export service, Commission Agency and General Supplies.

We do a lot in Research Services covering both qualitative and quantitative in both social and marketing research for the corporate clients and all others.

We also collect data on behalf of other research companies/agencies and organizations/institutions including the government that want to collect data from field but want to analyze it by themselves.

Our company is also flexible in joining forces with other research companies/ Agencies and become their project partners in conducting and implementing a certain research project. This one depends on how big a research project is.

Our field Interviewers are very much flexible to move to all over the country regions to work on any kind of research that is before them.

We are so much dedicated and motivated enough to collect quality data in which we believe that most of the research companies here in Tanzania are not capable of doing, so simply because of poor experienced and qualified interviewers that they have. Our interviewers are highly experienced and well remunerated in conducting any kind of research which gives them a highly motivation to do quality works. Hence, at last being able to provide better and useful results for the success of all our clients.

In addition to that , the activities that we do in Research Services include: Data Collection,FGD’S Moderations, In-Depth Interviews,FGD Respondent Recruitment, Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection, Transcribing and other thing related to Research Services.

Our price packages are very attractive and affordable by everyone. We normally charge depending on the type of research, size of the sample, sampling points, the size of questionnaires , the number of towns where the research ia to be conducted. Generally , we normally charge on the “size of the research project”.

My number +255 717 246 284 / +255 767 246 284