Late night hunger pangs


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its all in your head. You have conditioned yourself. As long as you continue satisfying the urge status quo continues. What you need is self discipline.
I doubt this. I avoid eating and it has a toll on me. I don't get enough sleep and I wake up in the morning feeling like shit.


Village Chief
@Ice_Cube , are you the one who said you usually have a meal at the middle of the night?....yaaani lunch ya usiku? :D:D:Dremind me who it was if not you.
:D:D not me but I have forgotten the talker's name. Grundy ni kama amepata ile ugonjwa ya MANKI

mimi shida yangu huwa kukosa kupata usingizi kama sisomi kitu or watching something. Mara mob nimelala kwa sofa juu nikitembea hadi bed nakuta usingizi imepotea so either nibebe laptop/simu ama ka magazine interesting.