kuuliza sio Ujinga..what if


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which one is easier for you.....chaos on street every day,people dying and women raped, or just dealing with kra...
take an example of spectre or whatever it is called,(that company onwed by babu) assuming they refuse to submit their tax, as a way of protest, KRA has a target to meet, closing all companies in solidarity with NASA would mean massive loss......coming up with ideas that starve the goverment the much needed tax......kwani nyinyi ni akina nani????
So Safariicom a company with a major investment here in the country will risk all that investments by not paying taxes just so that they can please/impress baba ?
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My main worry is not that Raila may ask his supporters to do that, but it has crossed your mind that it is actually possible. By the way, in all his companies and factories did people work after he asked for the boycott?
Only 1m of the 1.9m people who file tax returns actually pay taxes. I highly doubt that 440k (44%) of them are the Kibera / Mathare guys who follow Railas instructions to the letter.

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Legional manager, you are more shitty than shit itself.. na kama hii ndio umeffi umejaza kwa kichwa rudisha msichana muembu tumpeane mahali pengine
what if babu requested all his supporters to stop paying taxes to this "illegitimate government"????

why should they continue feeding a government which stole their victory in 76hrs???and why should police continue with their practicals in their so called stronghold??? what if babu advises them to forget about a protest and just stuff this government??

You can't avoid taxes absolutely otherwise you wont be able to trade, if you can't trade you have no business existing in the modern world.