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Village Elder
I discovered that the language we speak in KTalk is so much unique and thus foreign to many people out there. For posterity, it will be good to compile a dictionary that future generations can refer when they discover some literature from KTalk 2 million years from now.

So, good people, help me compile the dictionary.

1) Hekaya
Unsubstantiated shiet. A story with no legs. Lacking mbisha, findio, skechi, thermal image or other supporting documents.
First Use: Aviator, 2014

2) Mabenda4 Act
An act of KTalk requiring all hekayas to have a graphical description of the act of copulation.
First use: @mabenda4, 2016

3) Monkey Trader
A perennial loser. Also a master of hekayas. The grand demonstrator.
First use: @zachary, 2016
See also: babuoon

4) Kungu
(of a person) creating a false picture of who they are, especially in krost or KTalk.
Example: Most Ktalk mbirioneyyas are kungus.
First Use: @KUNGU THE PILOT, 2014

5) Coomer
The female genitalia
Example: Old mangi has never and will never taste @Guru's coomer
First Use: @cumalava, 2014

6) Threshold
The standard number of shots a talker is expected to give during muclimbano.
See also: Seven
First use: @rollout

7) Bukusu Shephart
A (legendary) black skinny mongrel, especially one owned by a proud owner of a (legendary) BMW X6. Mainly used to guard slums in kayole and the neighborhood.
First use: @uwesmake, 2016

8) Mkia
The female anal cavity, in relation to sexual activities.
Example: @Deorro df'ed @Nefertities kwa mkia, but did not attain the threshold.
See also: Settings
First use: @Tommy Lee Sparta , 2015

9) Waweru
a) adjective
(of a man) preferring to penetrate fellow men,​
See also: g**​
First use: @Ka-Buda, 2015​
b) verb
To try and penetrate a man in the arsehole​
First use: @Ka-Buda, 2015​

The female rear supporting documents.
Example: Yesterday was matacore Tuesday
First use: @hakimoto, 2016

11) Slice
Hit and run.
Example: @FieldMarshal CouchP alipewa slices zake na singo matha mkamba huko rusengeti.
First use: @Ice_Cube, 2016

12) Checki Maneno
Taking photos of bikes indicating where it was taken

First use: @The.Black.Templar, 2015

13) Washa Nduthi
The act of copulating with Palmella. Hand to genitalia motion with assistance from Arimis.
Hand-to-gland combat with assistance of mpenzi Arimis.
Example: @kush yule mnono is the founding father of the nduthi Sacco.
First use: @kush yule mnono, 2014
See also: kawasaki, strangle the bishop

14) Hapan Tambua
Of a chokosh to refuse to recognize another chokosh's contribution.

First use: @Jirani, 2015

Example: Mzito blaze aliletea wamama wengine umeffi hapa ujeru...
First use: @Jirani, 2016

16) Chockosh wars
Online brawls
First use: @KTalkvilleWeekly , 2016

17) kikikikiiiii
A devilish laughter, especially one practiced by Wawerus.
First use: @Ka-Buda, 2016

People from Kamba land, especially singo mathas.
First use: @vuja de, 2014

19)Shine eyes
Looking at something gleefully with the intention of taking it
First use: @Jirani, 2015
See also: Shiny eyes, meno brown

20) Mungikiress
Women from Kikuyu community
Example: wewe mungikiress @Supu don usilete umeffi hapa.
First use: @Jirani 2015

21)Shinny eyes
A thiefing brown-toothed chockosh of greek origin. A tyrant from centro with appetite for other peoples property.
First use @Jirani, 2015

22) Corinthian
A smelly mungikiress with a religious gear on her head
Example: The Atheist is yet to finish the corinthian series.
First use: @the_atheist, 2014

23) Kukamuaaaa,
Orgasm after sex or nduthi.
First use: @uwesmake, 2015

24) Nyoka
A woman in the process of receiving the threshold.
Example: @uwesmake tuwekee mbisha ukikamua nyoka.
First use: @uwesmake, 2014

25) Shemale
Aviator's and @msalame grace 's gender
Example: Shemale aviator wacha kutusumbua.
First Use: @uwesmake, 2015

26) Fathom
An expletive by chokosh on chokosh who bring umeffi
Example: Toka hapa fathom wewe
First use: @Luther12 , 2014

27) ***
Abbreviation for Meria Mata News Network.
The official KTalk news agency.
Example: Chokosh @MwanaWaAfrika does not know what *** stands for.
First Use: @Meria Mata , 2014

28) Napenda sana
(of a talker) liking a certain post. Approval.
Example: napenda sana.
First use @This is Gold / jerry and group of handles

29) Mzee Abdalla
a) The male genitalia​
b) @Lab's employer​
Example: @Ka-Buda's Mzee abdalla refused to take orders even after thorough provocation by mungikiress @spax.
First Use: @Shabba Ranks , 2015

30) Osungu.dll
you and English language are not friends
eg @Wakanyama na osungu.dll hawapatanii kamwe
First use????

31) Chieth
A curse word. Chokosh version of the word shit. Used to avoid censorship by @admin
First Use: @uwesmake, 2015

32) Ndege
A variant of the missionary sexual style where a man on top of a mbish is thrown high in the air (roughly 7ft) and comes down aiming his abdalla directly into the lady's coomer. Ole wako ukihata.
First use: @mayekeke , 2016

33) Mbirioneas
A talker living above the poverty line.
First use: @Web Dev , 2015

34) Peasant
A talker living below the poverty line.
Example: ktalk mbirrionares hawatambui Ruaka kwa peasants
First use: @Web Dev , 2015

35) Keti pale--------------------------------->
The act of welcoming an NV into Ktalk.
First use: @Jirani, 2016

36) kienyeji
Local pussyholder
Example: momo diaries used to be interesting until that chokosh stopped posting kienyejis
First use: ????

An indefinite ban from the village by the admean
First use: Aviator, 2016

38) ***
Curse, express displeasure. Widely used during revolutions.
Example: #FerkAdmin
First Use: @FieldMarshal CouchP , 2015
b) Verb
Act of copulation. Also Ferck. An uneditable version of f**k.
First use: @It's Le Scumbag , 2014

39) Koraborator
Used to describe talkers who did not participate in the #FerkAdmean movement.
See also home guard.
First use: @Young, 2016

40) pepeta
*** like a rabbit: Usually said by a pussyholder to encourage the ferker to work harder in chasing the threshold.
First use: @kingolonde , 2016

41) Owescrik
of talkers) refusing to click on links, ever
Example, kama hakuna quma, owescrik
First use: Unknown
See also akanyalclick

42) Mharo
Mpasho and other gossip sites
Example: Hatuwescrick mharo ya KichwaKibov
First use: Unknown

43) Ktalk csi
The intelligence wing of ktalk. Used to flash out phony hekayas.
e.g @KUNGU THE PILOT was found out to be a fake after ktalk CSI @Okiya found the source of his mbishas online!
First use: unknown

44) Sweetness and niceness
Making love in a romantic way
Example: @Jirani dreamt of giving @purr 27 all the sweetness and niceness while she purred?
First use: @Jirani, 2015

46) Mc Agary
Male genitals. Also Dingleberries, bolingo, mabengo, nuts
First use: @Jazzman 2015

47) Kawasaki Ninja
A person experienced in the art of hand to gland combat and a high ranking official of Kawasaki Regiment, Ktalk Defence Force.
First use: @Jazzman 2015

48) Jincheng Jangili
A person who will washa nduthi using the crudest of methods e.g use of kimbo or a rough hand.
First use: @Jazzman 2016

49) Terminator Style
Of a sex style, being rough and not gentle. Opposite of sweetness and niceness
First use: @Mr Black , 2016

50) Import
A singo madha, preferrably a kienyeji, invited by a veined tree holder for a sex in a far-away place.
Example, import ya MM imechelewa pale mtito ikielekea mambatha.
First use: @Meria Mata , 2015

Malaysian. Woman of loose knickers.
First use: @mabenda4, 2016

52) Yellow yellow
Beautiful, esp an import
Example: Mafisi used to think @Chloe is yellow yellow until she posted a pic plastering @Wakanyama's pigsty.
First use: @wanjohi wa kigogoine, 2014

53) Mafisi
A team founded by uwesmake that climbes anything with a whole.
Example: Some fisis here can climb even marsupials
First use: @Ka-Buda, 2014

54) Fisiology
The branch of science that deals with the study of mafisi's behaviour.
See also fisibility studies
First use: unknown, 2016

55) Ota
Combining form
A prefix added to a person's name whose intent is to show the guy is mshamba
First Use: @Nefertities, 2015

56) Cantilever
Appear or disappear suddenly from/to nowhere.
Example: Ahem. Finally nime-cantilever hapa hivi at some ungodly hour.
First Use: @Luther12, 2015

57) Recycle.exe
Something that has been posted by someone before, yet some idiot posts it again.
First use: unknown

58) Mbleina
A stupid person. Dolt.
Example: Huyu @Fisiologist ni mbleina kabisaa aketi hukooooooo
First use: @Jirani, 2016

59)Kuku na kifaranga
A sexy milf with her sexy daughter who look ferkable as hell and are every young man’s fantasy
to bed them both.
First use: @@uwesmake 2014

60) Seven, 7

KTalk magic number. The Threshold. The minimum shots a talker is expected to dish to a
pussyholder. The minimum dicksize of talkers.
First use: @rollout, 2016

61) Team Patco
Any male talker whose d*ck size is below the threshold.

Example: It is suspected that @Gio’s permanent chairmanship of the FZM is as a result of being
Team Patco
First use: @Msuper, 2014

62) Gari kulala parking
The act of copulation.
Example: For @Kidinyi, gari lazima ingelala parking daily, hata kama ni kwa kisokorokwinyo.
First use: @Shabba Ranks, 2015

63) ES
Elder statesman, a title given to @Meria Mata in recognition of his contribution to KTalk. Later
withdrawn during the #FerkAdmin revolution.
First Use: Meria Mata, 2016

64) Veined tree holder
A fisi whose dcik meets the threshold. Usually masquerading as a quail.
Example: Wewe endelea kukatia @Purr_27, and most likely ni veined tree holder
First Use: @wanjohi kigogoine, 2014

65) Puthy
A variant of the word pu**y, used to evade censorship by admean.
See also: kanyau
First use:???

66) Upussy
Schupidity. Ufala.
Example: @Fala 12 uko na upussy sana.
First use: @Jirani, 2015

67) Mandazi moto
A codeword for e-newspapers developed after the media houses started umbleina.
First use: @highschooler, 2016

68) Grannylingus: noun
To lick and suck the genitals of a old woman/shosh
@Jirani performed grannylingus on the german woman on her sitting room floor.
Origin: @nairobilay (2016)

69) UOTP - Uhuru One Term President

70) RWNBP - Raira wirro nefa be plesident

71) Onion Rings

Meaning ~ Slices or Coomer that makes you shed a tear of joy as you feel a burning sensation in your eyes

Usage ~ I need my sandwich and onion rings woman

First User ~ @Some Say

Inspired by ~ @john doe hekaya

72) MCA
Mwaga Cum Atulie
@Tommy Lee Sparta March 2017

73) Mc Agary -Noun
Male genitals. Also Dingleberries, bolingo, mabengo, nuts
First use: @Jazzman 2015

74) Deer - Noun
an endearing term used when luring a potential nyoka
Example - My deer nitumie picha ya Makucha tu nisafishe mecho
First Use: @uwesmake 2017

75) Rhino- Noun
A slain Momo in a mancave
First use - @uwesmake

76) Birkini Bag - Noun
An expensive bag used by Ktalk slay queen. Legend has it that one bag is worth more than 3 Matatus
First Use- @DeliciousShiko

75) Nanok Knees - Adjective
A pose used by Ktalk slay queen to enhance their looks
First Use: @Luther12 but enhanced by @introvert

76) Kunguru - Noun
A lady who is never satisfied with one Mzee Abdallah and will even cheat on you with your Gateman even after depositing one billion to her bank account
First use - @pamba 2015

77) Shexpat: noun
A lady expatriate working abroad and well versed in servicing your needs
Example: Kush doesnt need to wakisha nduthi because his shexpat Waithelelo is around.

First use: @Miss Finest Wine , September 2017.

78) Gatheca - Noun
His Taxallency Presidebt Ushuru Kenyattax
Example: Gatheca leo ameenda China kuomba more loans

First use: @patco 2018
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