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Friday, 27 August 2021 – Kenyans have been cautioned after a private morgue in Kirinyaga County dispatched 67 bodies of Covid-19 victims in a single day.

According to the morgue’s manager, the morgue has never dispatched more than 15 bodies in a single day since it was opened.

Central Kenya has been experiencing a spike in Covid-19 infections and deaths, with the healthcare facilities buckling under the demand for ICU and isolation wards.

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru recently warned that Kerugoya isolation is full to capacity and that other health facilities in the county are overwhelmed.

Here are trending photos taken at Kibugi Funeral home
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We all have a destiny with our maker.naangalianga nat geo and you see some animals dying of old age(preys) na kuna zingine zinakuliwa after being born(preys bado)kuna zingine(predators) zinauliwa na preys etc.ithink whats is happening is a way ya kutumbusha to be humble no matter your position in the world.and sometimes nature takes care of outbreak ya anthrax,rabies etc in the wild.hii kama ni ya kukupata ata uvae masks mia mbili na uishi karura,mtu ata sneeze akiwa dci na ikupate ukiwa msitu kati kati.Anyway pole kwa waliopatwa na msiba


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Government is greatly undercounting covid deaths. To be declared a covid death, there has to be a positive test yet covid testing is about less than 1%. Some whole counties are not even testing meaning no covid deaths there. Get vaccinated people. Just avoid the Chinese vacs


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Siku hizi mtu akitaka kukuua anasema uko na xovid anakupea poison au unaambiwa ati uko wewe ni child kidnapper decil worshipper wanakuua na mob justice. Hii covid imekuja kupea watu excuse ya kuua wengine bure.


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For those doubting check out funeral services providers from Nyeri and kirinyaga. They are fully booked most of the days