Kiambu motorbike rider dies in road accident while racing to win Ksh100


Village Elder
Tamaa mbele, mauti nyuma!

A Ksh100 motorbike riding competition by two riders at Gakoe village in Gatundu North, Kiambu County has been blamed for the death of one of the riders.

The young man, aged 20 and only known as Kimani, is reported to have been hit by an oncoming personal vehicle as he overtook a lorry that was driving at a low speed as he wanted to beat his colleague in a race that was sponsored by a local.

“He wanted to win the Ksh100 sponsored race but barely a few meters after the starting point, he was hit by a personal vehicle as he accelerated to overtake a slowly moving lorry,” Joel Kamoche, a rider said.

According to a section of riders, the man died on the spot leaving them in shock as he (the deceased) had only been on the road for three months.

Patrick Mwangi Ng’ang’a, the chairman of Bodaboda operators in the village stated that Kimani is one of the many school dropouts in the area who have fallen prey to quick cash made by riders.

He said that most parents have been buying motorbikes for their children once and or before they complete secondary school education to enable them live dignified lives.

The business, he said has sent many youngsters to the grave, many of whom he said had not gone to driving schools to even learn requisite road signs.

“It’s sad that many of our immature youngsters are joining this business even before they go to school. Most of them have been reckless enough and do not even observe road signs,” Mwangi regretted .

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I just wonder what happened to the private car + driver involved in that accident. He must have seen a long day with the current marauding duthi riders gang.