Kenyans outraged by bodybuilders posing


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Kenya as a conservative state is being attacked by a liberal media, there's dozen of ways to capture an image without sexualizing it.
NTV waache ujinga
This fake puritanistic culture is cringe af.
We saw the same thing with the mûngîkî shitties, decapitations in the name of.. Then you have the dini ya israeli bishop something something Wanyonyi, and wakorino. All these wearing curtain like white sheets they deem mavazi busara congregating for prayer., to meet the religious mode of conduct while preaching total depravity only to plot the next heist at a government facility.
Hell becons the ignorant in the advent of a pool of ignorance.
Hata malugha na mila tulisahao kwenye harakati za kuiga mila na desturi za nje jambo tunawazia eti ni mwelekeo wa ubusara na maendeleo.
This comedy central called Kenya also has a ministry of culture, culture for them is limited to wearing akala na leso za kimasaai. Proper authentic African culture is dead in Kenya!
Si jui hii ni nchi ya aina gani!
End of an incoherent warranted rant!


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@Freyja wewe najua ni mesho inangara, otherwise a cropped out image of biceps can get the job done.
That there looks like an array of strippers or a pre orgy opening prayer.
@Regis2812 , the point of hypocrisy is to shield the young from baser instincts not to stop you and I from indulging in red light district varieties.