Journey to the edge of the universe


Village Elder
They say the universe is expanding at a faster than light speed, hut expanding into what space? Sijui time dilation na mambo mengine hayieleweki.
I think that there is the void that was present before. Maybe
Quietness, fewer stars and darkñess. Very minimal signs of life.
Perhaps countable sightings to be wilder of.
In a nutshell, all that is on majority at the universe is scarce at the edge.
There is a lot beyond! The documentary basically flys you through the universe several light years away


Village Commissioner
We have other universes outside our universe. We are actually in a multiverse. Our own universe is expanding outward at the speed greater than that of light.
I like to think of the universe like a growing body. With galaxies as organs, planets as mitochondria, humans as tiny stuff in cell nucleus, who have no much significant impact on the whole; but are important.