Is this a good deal - 4bdrm house in gated community at 15m


Village Elder
Service charge ni ngapi... Pia mimi nime pelekwa kwa local chief.. Ati umbwa ina piga kelele na ina kunia kwa jirani...

Note - the person complaining is renting that unit... Na mimi nime nunua... But since she's a fake IG celebrity... Wana ume in that community are kissing her ass big time...

GATED COMM are good for security and social life... Lakini kama unataka freedom... Jenga place kama Runda.. Kiambu.. Ruiru.. Etc...
Kwetu ni 3k per month. Maji kando. Sewerage 75% ya water consumed.


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Good price point. But you can equally get the same deal in Ruiru or Syokimau, which is not far off from civilization.

Kitengela is just too far. Factor in the distance plus expressway charges then you're biting off more than you can chew, especially if you have to report to some office each day. The commute is terrible.
Hapa ndio makosa iko. Hio job inaweza isha kesho.


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Four bedroom can range from 130m2 to 350m2 in plinth area.
shock of the year you can have a 2 bedroom that is 185m2 plinth area.

Never run after the marketing gimmick, always purchase based on provided areas.

Some Say

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That's friendly....

Kuna places wana lipa as much as ksh. 13,000 service charge...... Na kuna around 100 units...
Kwanza hizi apartments za wasomali they are a a scam. Ukinunua wanaweka a low service charge to entice you. Once all the apartments have been bought, the company running the apartment is theirs sasa wataongeza service charge ulie. Boy wangu alinunua moja akiingia service charge ilikua 5k akihama hapo ilikua 12k. Aliona wacha he rents it out akanunua massionette.