Introducing Ktalk Credits


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There is a problem with internet publishing, the problem as we see it, is that the incentives driving the creation and spread of content are not serving the people consuming it or creating it — or society as a whole. We want to build a better publishing platform,  one that allows anyone to offer their stories and ideas to the world and that rewards the great ones that are loved by the community.

Advertisement driven media does not serve the people and increasing the number of advertisements ultimately hurts user experience.We believe people who write and share ideas should be rewarded on their ability to enlighten and inform, not simply their ability to attract a few seconds of attention.

Today we are making a big change. Introducing Kenya Talk Credits (KCr.) a virtual currency which will support our goals. Ktalk Credits are awarded based on the trophy system already in place see here.

Currently the only way you can redeem your credits is through airtime purchase but there is work in progress to offer other avenues of getting value from the credits awarded.

Note: This is a work in progress and might not perform as expected in some areas, in case of any issues get in touch.

We believe that this is a better system, one that serves the community.


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The only change am seeing is the handle name has moved to where the alerts were.
Now I have to click twice to see my alerts.


Waka Group has approximately 20 shareholders. If each shareholder comments 25 times a day and the others give likes to the comments, that's 20×24= 480 likes per day and 14,400 likes per month for each shareholder. In total, Waka Group will have 360,000 likes per month. Wakayama funga butchery, haha kwìna mbèca farì farì.


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Kama credits ziko awarded based on trophy system, kuna uwezekano ya mtu kufika a point where there are no more trophies to collect and thus no more credits to gain?
currently yes, we are still considering other ways of awarding credits ideally it should be infinite and difficult to game the system.