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I wanted to mean that they are lying that they dont wear the mask. I surely know they do when accessing public places but hapa wanajipiga kafua venye hawatumii barakoa.....IDIOTs
Gotcha now. And they are also selfish. They don't care about themselves so they don't care about others. No difference with those who have unprotected sex with partners they know nothing about. So we will continue to wear our masks, sanitise and keep the social distance.
Do you think Gavas the world over are stupid by imposing lockdowns that have really hurt their economies? nope.
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I don't think it will be mandatory to get vaccinated in order to travel but I very much think it should be. Why is everyone so paranoid about the vaccine anyways? I mean, when you go to Africa you don't hesitate as it's your health that it's at risk. The covid vaccine is more about protecting those who are exposed more than us, by getting vaccinated you protect them not yourself, young people are not at risk, I am 25 and I had covid, and I barely felt it but I could have passed it to someone else who would be at risk due to age or a condition. Don't be selfish, as long as it's safe for you get vaccinated. I am planning a maldives honeymoon and I hope I manage to get the vaccine by then.


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Hmm, it all depends on the country you're travelling to. Some governments accept only vaccinated people, others accept all people who have negative anticovid tests, and there're also countries that don't accept travelers at all. So it's up to your choice, I personally am going to travel to Arctic with poseidonexpeditions and all I need is an anticovid test with the negative results.
In a word, I don't want to get vaccinated. But the tests are entirely harmless, as is wearing masks on vacation. I would be happy to do all this if I went on vacation. My wife and I were at a resort in the Maldives. It was for the newlyweds during their honeymoon That was a couple of years ago. We got so many emotions from the rest. We have experienced so many pleasant moments together. It was so cool that I could have used a mask on my face. No virus tests and mask are worth your absolute emotions, especially in the family circle.