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The ones selling fixed matches are conning people with that information why bother selling I think here's how they operate
Let's say the con man has 100 customers
give 33%'s of the customers a home win ,the other a draw and the other a lose
what ever the outcome your still left with 33% satisfied customers
Unataka kufanya nini haswa?
I wanted to deposit to my xbet acc but naona ile card nilinunua hakuna. how does it work? ama kama ukona card ya 1000 inamaanisha once you transfer 1000 to 1xbet hiyo card inaisha hivyo and you need to purchase another card if you want to make another transaction?
I can assume that the best way is to pay the required tax, but since it is quite high in Kenya (I would never pay 27% tax, this is a real robbery on the part of the state), you can try playing online casinos through VPN. This is safe, because the system will not recognize you as a resident of Kenya, and therefore there should be no tax. Also, use cryptocurrency and blockchain to replenish funds. This is very important, because other ways to replenish the wallet will give out your IP address. I also advise you to change the casino to some Australian or American one. These casinos are more liberal for foreigners. I wish you good luck!


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I used to really love betting back in the day, but after 2-3 years of constant betting, I got really bored. After that, I tried all kinds of gambling games, and I can say that my favorite is slot games. I also like to play poker from time to time, but nothing can compare to slot games. 2 weeks ago, I was randomly browsing through the internet, and I suddenly ran into . It seemed really interesting, and I decided to check it out. It turned out that it was an amazing online casino that had a lot of slot games. I kept on playing till morning, and ever since that day, I have played every day. I want to recommend this website to everyone who is looking for an amazing experience.