Infecting parents with covid.

It's not that area of ikinu or tinganga, Ndumberi, Gathanji, or Gitwe in Githunguri, you will find the same scenario in villages in Muranga, Nyeri, Embu etc.
Moh should stress this topic that children are killing their parents with their visits. Every time you go see them, you are signing their death certificate. Only the most heartless will do so.
I watched the Inooro TV piece on coffin makers in Thika. One of them said that that though the business was booming, there was that nagging thought that he could also be making his very own. That statement gave me the chills


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Not necessarily, some do visit their folks a tad too often waonekane na other villagers to spite them, kwanza those they think brought misfortune in their earlier growing up period.
I know a dude who buried his mother late August. They were brought up by the single mother and they were 5. The dude made it in his bizana and so he has been visiting her every weekend and to show off his V8 to his village mates. When the mother got sick, he was advised to take test which came out positive for Delta variant. He recovered but guilt ile ako nayo? Wacha tu.


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There's a village in Ikinu, Githunguri, in the first months of this year, some acquitance fell ill went into self isolation, villagers were very curious and wanted to see how a covid patient looks like. Several paid him a visit, one after the other they succumbed, five of them int the same village in a span of 3 weeks. Unfortunately even the ninja got so stressed that the deaths were being attributed to him. His health deteriorated so much he was put on oxygen. He didn't live long thereafter.
I have been to funerals and have seen people insisting on a high five handshake while shouting mimi Sina corona. You can imagine some of them are quite educated but ignorance is bliss. Kindly mask up and enforce the social distancing. Amazingly the milevi ya kuchomoa lock are not being affected I don't know why
Alcohol especially makali has a way of dealing with the virus. Of course it's logic since the drink is antibiotic
Wacha uwongo wakwitu. Recently I went to shags and I never broke the covid protocols. I never shook my parents hands, never sat in the same room, was always keeping a safe distance and used my own utensils until I left. MTU mjinga atajisahau alete shida. As I told you, your parents visit the shops and churches na obviously hujui where that shopkeeper or church members have been in the last few days. Wengine hata wametoka Mombasa, Busia, Lodwar etc
This is upussy na uoga of the highest order, don't be afraid, be brave.