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Wedding called off on eleventh hour as pastor demands couple undergoes medical tests
By Kennedy Gachuhi | Monday, Nov 5th 2018 at 10:28

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Guests and queue to be served with food at Kenya Industrial Training Institute on the outskirts Nakuru town after a wedding was cancelled because couple failed to meet church conditions. [Kipsang Joseph/Standard]

All indications pointed to a perfect wedding. Everything was set. Cream and maroon had been unanimously settled on as the theme colours.
The couple, Joyce Waithera and Paul Waithaka, their families and friends were all looking forward to a great day.
The wedding was to be held at Mizpah House of Prayer Church in Bahati, Nakuru County, last Saturday.
However, in a shocking turn of events, the wedding did not happen after the officiating pastor cancelled it at the last minute.

It was a heartbreaking decision for Waithera and Waithaka, together with their families and hundreds of guests.
Waithera’s father, Henry Kamau, said they arrived at the church from his home in Gilgil around 10am expecting to have a great day.
“The family and friends of the groom picked up my daughter early in the morning. By 10am, we were at the church. However, we noticed that nothing much was going on save for the local choir singing,” said Mr Kamau.
Summoned couple
Then the preacher, identified as Apostle Jesse Karanja, arrived and summoned the couple to his office.
Henry Kamau father to Joyce Waithera during an interview at Kiti in Nakuru on November 4, 2018 after his daughter's wedding was was called off. [Kipsang Joseph/Standard]

Kamau said the preacher demanded that Waithera and Waithaka go for a medical checkup and bring him the results before he could conduct their wedding.
Most churches require couples to undergo pregnancy and HIV tests before they are joined in holy matrimony.

The couple is said to have returned to the church at noon with the results. However, the preacher kept them waiting for another two hours then demanded that they go for another test. This time, he specified the particular hospital he wanted the test done.
“We knew something was amiss when he directed them to have a second test without giving reasons. My daughter and her fiancé obliged hoping it would end of the torment,” said Kamau.
Prior to the wedding, the couple had gone for another medical test.
The results of the second test were submitted to the preacher at 4pm. He preacher called the couple, their parents and close friends to his office. He was said to have opened the results but said he did not understand everything the doctor had written.
“He said the results were okay but some sections were not legible. He then demanded that a health practitioner be brought to the church to explain what he couldn't’t understand in the report,” said Kamau.
As the sun was setting, the congregation was growing impatient. People threatened to break into the preacher’s office but the man of the cloth called in the police, who rounded up several guests and bundled them into their vehicle.
Those arrested, including the couple’s relatives, were released later without any charges.



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From the look of things,dude looks humble and down to earth.
The lady OTOH looks a bit conniving with some kunguric elements written all over that smile.
Hanawai let me not judge a cover by its book...
Maybe the pastor knows better.
I'm thinking the pastor has a lose nut. Has he been subjected to a psychiatric test? That should be the next step. Or beat the...lemme stop.
ooh my , people still go to church to get guidance on how to lead their lifes,???
i quit church when i was in form 2, i just go to church to socialize when there are events like funerals and weddings...

I look at people and laugh when they start arguing about laws and rules from the bible on what to do and what not...

try it for a day, freedom from religious dogma is one of the greatest gift you can give yourself.


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Hii ni ujinga. pata mucakwe peleka nyumbani, tuma wazee wawili kwa wazazi wake waseme mko na mbuzi yao. Edeni huko after one month kupada ithigi. case closed. mahali utaanza kulipa first born akifikisha 13years.


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#stolen from Ndungu Nyoro's mkz thread.
One of the salonists;

The only person who can air out the truth, is the groom...could be Pastor was right. I have read two more versions which makes me feel like kuna kaukweli tunafichwa.

Version 1;
Paul Mwangi

I know him as a professional photographer who attends so many events in a week. He was among those who attended the Nakuru botched wedding and this is what he said.

"The news were manipulated.

I was in the ground and know the true version.

The couple was requested to go to a specific lab for HIV tests to avoid tampering with the results. The groom went, but the bride refused and brought a piece of fake results from an unknown source; which were rejected. She was accompanied by the groom and others to a lab before the wedding started and the results were positive for the bride and negative for the groom. She didn't agree with the outcome and they had to go for another test in a different lab and the results confirmed that she was positive. The groom was shocked and said he can't marry her.
The apostle was in a fix coz he couldn't announce to the crowd the health status of someone and in his efforts to cover up , he said that the couple had not met the set standards . he said that he had given deadlines , (ofcourse for the girl to bring the results from a trusted lab)that were not met.
We thank God for saving the groom from the bride's secret status."


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The question that we should be asking ourselves is; what does the law say, about weddings and the conditions that ought to be met by the couple, the witnesses and the officiating officer before a wedding happens.
Are medical tests of whatever nature part of the conditions in law?
Medical tests, and HIV in particular, are not mandatory for disclosure to the officiating officer or any other person. So the lady, if positive, is only legally bound to disclose it to the potential husband. Hizo zingine yote ni story za pastor.


My heart was breaking for this couple coz najua vile kupanga harusi ni stress. :confused: This incident will haunt them forever all because one pastor had an ego trip. They should have called in another pastor for hire the moment things started going downhill with this one! By the time they had fulfilled his crazy obligations it was past 6pm which was outside the legal time permitted on the license.