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Hustler wave is real-Raila learns the hard way

Yaani Kuna wakenya wamekaa mahali wanangoja ruto akue president?:D That guy has made enemies with most of the "big boys" around, including undermining the most powerful guy in the land.They Will NEVER allow him to cling to power at any cost.mlisikia konyagi alisema "mambo bado". So my friends, we sit in those forums, people in the street can never make you a president, raila can tell better.
Man we Kenyans are fucked up beyond belief (fubb/fubbed). No sane Kenyan nigger should have time to go participate in this sort of political bullshit. Alafu munalia "dynasty" crap. Up in my neck o' hood all the original native landowners have a bare minimum of 50 hectares yet the land is overruned by bushes. I have witnessed "outsiders" come n buy 4 hectares and turn it into multi million agri business ventures while my pple just sit on land and politic all day. Whenever I see this cult like following of political leaders by my bonobo pole I really get ticked off by the level of stupidity bonobos posses. It amazes me how ma "ordinary" just don't get it. No matter who wins they still work and protect my interest from all ya poor ma'fuckers.
Spear,hii kitu lazima tumalize,I have kept the faith and fought political wars, after inauguration of hustlers nation 2022 ufanye kitu ya maana
I don't buy this hustler hype . It has no agenda . Their 'will be' policies if any are vague/non-existent ati a fucking wheelbarrow..niwachisheni: last time it was oranges, watermelons and bananas . See where that got us .
We are headed deep into fascism . Rampart corruption/cronyism will increase ,identification of enemies (dynasties/tribes) as a unifying cause has never ended up well..Alafu this trend of religion and government increasingly being intertwined is worrying . Anyway nitajionea
its all good let ruto win in 2022 .I will sit back and watch as he loots and plunders the country.Ile shafting tutafanywa bila lube.Increased taxes more loans more scandals.We never learn by 2027 life will be hard ,he will rig a second term .People sang wembe where are they now.By the way rao isnt any better
Wacha kutafuta sympathy votes. Raila hapewi kura, akwende na bbi zake makende yeye

I have been vindicated that the noisemakers were truly hecklers.... :D:D:D:D


:D:D:D:D:D Just a few paid hecklers there....:D:D:D

Even those cheering here are part of the same paid hecklers...:D:D:D

Que in RAT followers excuses

1. Bado mapema 2022 ni mbali.

Hustler made sure 2022 is lived everyday and winning it now. Those dreaming of tomorrow have been left planets apart in this race.

2. We have the deep state and system.

Those groups are currently the reason why we are in deeper mess now because they are eating with spades while Kenyans struggle for food. Then they cry to others mwizi ni mwizi. On politics all their moves backfired on them and ironically increase favour on Hustler.

3. Chief Hustler will not be allowed to run for Presidency.

Huyu ako last hopes and denial. Conceding might break them to pieces. However let them be prepared for Hustler ticket. We just saw how impeached Sonko and Waititu got clearance certificates from DCI, EACC and all other institutions to ran for Nairobi governors by election seat in 2021. Kuwa tayari.

4. Tribal voting

Every elections cycle takes away this tribal voting patterns region by region. We were once told Kalenjin can't vote for Kikuyu's. 2002, 2013 and 2017 they did. Kikuyu's can't vote for anyone apart from themselves. Yes they will and let me add Hustlers wave will finally end this tribal numbers. Hustlers wave is a collective grassroots will across the country. Western, Ukambani and Coast will be just as strong in Hustler wave as Eldoret.

18 months to general elections. 6 months to the start of full grassroots campaign. Corona measures still in place until March, vaccination, breastfeed baba initiative, by elections, party launch and new political leaders emerge to challenge current lot. Its going to be a huge year. Brace yourselves
Hiding heads in the sand is v Jakuonist. Believing in Uhuru to deliver the Presidency to Jakuon is actually beyond salvation.......those chants are not from a few people. That is mammoth support.
Ni wapi watu wanalipwa niendee my share?:D
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