Hawa watu wa "I started my chicken empire with one feather" hawaachi tupumue

I know we're talking about githeri media, but do these fuckers even care about being factual? This guy allegedly visited his village in 2014 and convinced some people to form an investment group. They promptly raised 200k.

So he brought together 100 youths to form a self-help group and registered them under the business name, Red Oak Property Ltd.

Okal says the model was simple: all he asked them was to pay a registration fee of Sh1, 000 each to get seed capital; he also shopped around for sponsors and got another Sh100,000.

“With Sh200,000 in hand, our group could draw up an investment strategy. We unanimously agreed that we would buy big tracts of land, subdivide them and sell them for a profit. Within the first year we were Sh400,000 richer,” he says.

Okay, within a year, presumably by early 2015, they'd doubled their investment. What was the next step?

With the Sh400,000 seed capital, they bought pieces of land in the above-named counties at low prices since the owners were not aware of upcoming projects.

“By mid 2015, we had acquired 1,000 acres of land, which by early 2016, we had sold for Sh12 million. Each member of our group was guaranteed a Sh100,000 profit share, minus Sh20, 000 to pump back into our operating capital,” says Mr Okal.

How did these savvy businessmen pull off such a feat? Doubling their seed capital by the end of 2014 then investing the 400,000 in 1000 acres of land? Does it mean they bought one acre at 400 bob on average? Ni wapi huku shamba zinapeanwa na bei ya kutupwa, mimi pia nikuwe land baron?

Mr. Okal is wasting his talent. If he can double 200k in less than a year then transform 400k into 12 million six months later, don't you guys think he should serve the country in a bigger capacity? This guy should be advising KRA on how to double their annual revenue collection and showing the government how to clear trillions of debt in two years flat. Kweli kuna wanabiashara hodari huku nje!!

How we started with Sh. 200,000 and made Sh. 12 million in two years

Kirubi was appointed KENATCO Director at its inception.
That was before Moi was anybody. Kenyans are known to re-write history to cover their tracks.

Just like the story of that side-street chicken seller who later became DP Billionaire... :D:D:D
Kirubi had liquid money after kentaco but no assets. Daniel moi helped him acquire properties including international house through shady means which came in form of a loan. through ''buying it'' Kirubi gained wealth that way and was able to interact with the Kenyan elite. Moi was instrumental in Kirubi's rise
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