Have you guys noticed?


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10 to 15 years ago there were no Kalenjins in the hood. But right now they are in the slums. Living there and out drinking anyone who steps up. That cheap stuff of course. What changed for them? I mean, their leader is right up there in the presidency, right?


In mois thirty years reign they enjoyed freebies huko ocha . kuna time nilienda huko eldoret Ku repossess majamaa gari nikapata wote wako na ngombe za grade , fresian at least tano mpaka majirani .

Kuuliza auctioneer niaje akasema time za moi walikuwa wanapewa ngombe at least kumi Kama loan na Kenya dairy board , ikifika elections zinakuwa written off .


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Chan'gaa is their local brew pale 'reserve' not unlike nyanza. Just like busaa, Murat's ......! That part is not weird. Living in the slums though is quite interesting. Do you have the data???
Just an observation that there are more Kalenjins now than before. Not really scientific
Mkale hawezi kuja Nairobi aishi kwa slum. Afadhali waishi hivyo akishindwa kabisa atarudi Eldoret ama Kericho alime acre zake kadhaa. Nairobi kuna stereotypical slum za waluhya (kangemi/ungwaro) Jaluo (kibera) Kikuyu (Mukuru kwa whatever) Kamba (paiplain) etc.. lakini wakale hawana


nimekuwa lice pubes kwa story za archives na nimetoa comment ya lice pubes kwa archives


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Much as it is unpalatable, kales are slowly showing up in slums. One of the reason is the fact that during Kibaki's time, a number of kales started security firms. In typical Kenyan style, they employed MTU wetu(fellow kales). Now, there is so much a watchman can earn which limits his options as regards housing, transport and diet hence slum dwelling as one of the choices.
My two cents opinion: You can remove a Kalenjin from the village but you can't remove the village from his head. In every town you go, you will find a group of ten Kalenjin men living in a bedsitter or a single room. Overcrowded in a small space. They never bring their families to town but prefer leaving them in Eldoret or Kericho. And you will find them on Sunday outside the plot discussing politics. But times are changing and you will soon start seeing a Kale slum in Nairobi or Mombasa.