Guys is this a new strain of Corona in Kenya? Deaths are too high especially in mashinane


Village Sponsor
So I saw on TV today that 24 people in Kissy died over there in the last 24 hours. Last week young doctors died. This week I have received news of 2 hotel owners and a pastor I know have passed on. They were not even old. We need to pray. Hii ugonjwa hapana mchezo.


Village Elder
It is true that the mortality rate has increased drastically especially in the rural areas. I dont know if they always do some postmortum test on these people. Surely, the corona virus is never a joke and we need to be careful with this disease. I see some people are joking and they say that the corona virus is a scam. Yet people are dying on a daily basis. It is a high time for us to wake up from slumber. You can never say such a thing yet is very obvious that people are dying. Leaders should take the frontline to help people to protect themselves rather than calling people to gather for the compaigns which may results to more spread of the virus.


Senior Villager
It is so sad that people are dying in numbers in their homes. There was no death like this, I am also shocked due to this serious death that is taking place in the rural homes. I think there is something that is happening that should be checked on. There is a village, where more than 8 people have died. What shocked me most, is that the whole eight people come from the same clan. I think, this is due to the corona virus pandemic. I have never heard/seen people dying in that manner. Surely, the virus is very alarming and a solution should be found with immediate effect. If it is not solved now, then there will be a higher rate of mortality in our rural areas.