Gold Mafia - Episode 1 - The Laundry Service I Al Jazeera Investigations

very mean and dangerous guy off camera
Being able to bribe his way around the place guarantees that he can get protection almost anywhere around the globe. By now I'm sure ako kwa radar ya Interpol mbaya sana. Maybe hata FBI pia wako idhaa yake juu Americons hutaka wakiweka sanctions, hakuna msee anasaidia nchi nyingine.
That dude pattni is probably a very mean and dangerous guy off camera. And there is a reason politicians like him. He can move tons of looted cash. In fact that is what he is known for in Kenya.
Kamlesh Pattni that fuckin Indian is still alive? The 1st time I heard of him was during the Goldenberg scandal when I was a kid that was like 17+ years ago. Noma sana.

Clear example of we are not equal...wewe uko pale na 9-5 and there are some guys making 10 trips a week moving gold or money and raking in crazy commissions...
Imagine. Wewe unang'ang'ana na 9-5 job to be paid peanuts at the end of the month na kuna mtu anatembea na $10million kwa suitcase kila wiki. We will forever never be equal.