General Elections 2017...The Aftermath...

I think there is something they are sharing in the background .I have 2 workmates one joined yesterday and other on 7th .
Ata mimi i think kuna something co leo kuna a friend ako kisumu(yeye ni team UOTP) alikuwa anatuchapia kwa group(whatsapp) kuna something they are eagerly waiting about presidential results then hell will break loose


Village Chief
No doubt about that! you can see guys like @gashwin claim "America speaks" or a similar phrase every time some observer group goes live on TV. As if that authenticates the integrity of our system despite most groups claiming that they have no capacity/mandate atm to carryout a forensic audit of the system. Of course, NASA lost (and I hope they concede) but taking in shit just because it is convenient is plain stupid.
Nyam Ng'odho ni nini unaniitia itia kila mahali?