General Elections 2017...The Aftermath...

one of our own is always the first to demand that scotland yard, fbi,kgb, cia be the ones to investigate
No doubt about that! you can see guys like @gashwin claim "America speaks" or a similar phrase every time some observer group goes live on TV. As if that authenticates the integrity of our system despite most groups claiming that they have no capacity/mandate atm to carryout a forensic audit of the system. Of course, NASA lost (and I hope they concede) but taking in shit just because it is convenient is plain stupid.


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He only lost the vote of self-absorbed twitter posters who imagine their opinions count for shit... In another democracy this would have worked against him. But in Kenya people reason like @gashwin, @spear or @ranny whose vote he secured the day he was born. If Uhuru today sort a referendum to extend his ruling to a third term these guys would support him unequivocally. They worship at his tabernacle.
Thank you. and so it should be. #muthamaki to rule forever


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Wakubwa anyone who knows the psychological health of one coldpilsner who had swore that they must win? Hii chest thumping has really workedagainst them. I am willing to provide a a rope or purchase some herbicide/insecticide for fobe baridi. He emotional nigga can commit suicide because odinga has lost.
huyo @coldpilsner sina huruma naye. Chest thumping yake na intolerance. I remember i featured in his infamous list of the villagers he blocked. He can go to hell for all i care.