General Elections 2017...The Aftermath...

Where does it show the totals? You are confused. When you select option 01 or 02, you get the results for that stream. By default, it only shows one of the stream when you select ngare mara. And for your information, a stream is a station. It has its own form 3A. So you get all figures from the same IEBC website and then say they have not included them in their totals? Where is form 3B for the totals for us to verify? And by your analogy, I can then say that if Raila got over six million votes, then Uhuru should have got 18 million votes because it has to be multiplied by a factor of 2 or 3


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i know you want effidence i will post something here i dont want questions or stories. jijazie.
Samal MP Isiolo Under Jubille
In ngaremara pry polling station there were two streams 1 & 2.
He got 512 on stream 1 and 470 on stream 2. BUT on the FINAL TOTAL FIGURE KWA IEBC website is 470, and that is what has been added to the final sum.
all details are captured but the stream have not been added to show the aggregated figure. It is one of the three complains which me i have, imagine for NASA..
Judge it for yourself na mimi ctaki story mob.
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This is what we would like to see in the case of presidential elections, and it better be serious, not one omitted station
how is that clerical error this is aggregation error. System error, the clerk posted two streams but the system DID NOT ADD THE TWO FIGURES. it is nobody business to add figures you post only.. Na if you check properly the stream has a code
I was just saying if the proper forms are there, then the results from the form should be used to tally the correct results ama? Am just guessing that if it was a system wide issue it would have been flagged a long time ago by other polling centres


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I believe these elections have been the most free and fair elections since independence and also the turnout was very high compared to past elections also Kenyans have matured politically and have elected leaders with substance, I believe and hope that in the future ethnic politics will be a thing of the past... VIVA KENYA!! GOD BLESS!!