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[QUOTE="ShabbaRanks, post: 2857720, member: 65154"@rexxsimba is coming in hot to defend this Lady's honour..

Damn Right I am ...:mad:
Lots of assorted Low Life's , Misfits , Armchair Psychologists , Misguided Moralists , Pharisees and others of similar ilk in here willy nilly casting aspersions left , right and center at this professional Lady ..

This Lady has endured all manner of vicious personal attacks in here and had all her private linen hung out to dry on various pages herein ..
But the name calling and character assassination needs to tone down ..

Like ALL of us ( .. myself included ..) , none I know of in here can make any claim to Sainthood....
And those who feel qualified should cast the first stone ...:(:mad: