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Earlier I also preferred currencies, metals as well as other classical financial instruments. But trading evolves and new lucrative opportunities show up and it would be foolish to neglect them. I stayed away from cryptos for a long time and now I regret losing so many opportunities to earn on cryptocurrency. The volatility here is incredible!
For the last week, I earned extra $215 on cryptos, trading mostly Ethereum. Fortunately enough with Olymp you can earn regardless of the trend direction. I’m going to try other cryptos. For example, I would like to try Litecoin. But at the same time, I don’t want to lose control over other assets. I want to benefit from as many assets as possible, although I realize that it’s impossible due to limited attention, but I keep trying.
I temporarily stopped trading cryptos. However, for the last week, I managed to earn $280 on these assets. I mainly traded Ethereum. Sometimes it makes sense to have a rest after Bitcoin trading.
For the last year, I have paid too much attention to Bitcoin. I guess I couldn’t have done the opposite. That’s a magic asset that made many people forget about classical financial instruments and jump with both feet into crypto trading.
But you know that Bitcoin is facing problems now. Its jumps are not so impressive as they were recently. But I still believe that it’s another long-lasting correction just like we saw in 2020.
Of course, I keep an eye on Bitcoin but at the same time I try to understand how metals behave.


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I heard that El Salvador became the first country in the world that officially recognized Bitcoin as a payment method.This is not the largest and most influential county, but it also counts. There must be a start of the process somewhere.


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I also heard this good crypto news. It can really back Bitcoin but the question is how powerful this sudden support can be. At least, I already see on the chart that Bitcoin reacted to the news but the reaction wasn’t impressive at all. By the way, El Salvador is in Central America, close to Guatemala and not far from Mexico.
Everything can be. Perhaps, in the near future more and more countries will accept Bitcoin as a payment method and people start paying their utility bills with BTC. On the other hand, governments may suddenly terminate currently existing cryptos and replace with their own digital coins that can be controlled by them. But until Bitcoin and altcoins exist we should use every opportunity to earn on them. That’s what I do with Olymp.
I’m going to open a trading account here. I’m very interested in this web platform and I’m a big fan of cryptocurrency. I have been trading cryptos for two years. Could you give me a prompt about BTC trading? I would like to recommend me an optimal fixed amount to work on BTC in a range with a multiplier value 10. Of course, I have tried it BTC trading on a demo account, but I want to know about real experiences with cryptos here since I heard that demo accounts can greatly differ from real ones and not only in terms of quotes but also in terms of execution.
I think that it makes no sense to put at stake less than $50 with the multiplier value of 10. Sometimes I put $100 with the same multiplier value, but I do this only when I’m confident that I’m at the very lower or upper boundary of the channel. If I’m somewhere in the middle of the range I use $50.
Perhaps, you are right and there’s no such a difference. So, I will open a real trading account here. I think I will deposit $300 and start working with amounts $10-$50. I do believe in a great future of cryptocurrency. Cryptos have successfully survived a storm of clampdowns and I think that sooner or later they will become a crucial component of the global economy.
My greatest interest now is to test BTC in a range with different fixed amounts. I will get down to it in a couple of days.
I finally opened a trading account here. I deposited a bit more than I initially planned. So, I deposited $350 and started trading BTC. I chose a multiplier value of 10 as I wanted and started with relatively small fixed amounts. To be exact, I got started with ten bucks. I just wanted to be on the safe side and make sure that it all works properly.
I can say that I’m satisfied with the trading platform. It’s no overloaded with excessive features and I can operate it with one finger.
Although the user-friendliness of the platform matters a lot, I was primarily interested in the profitability of different trade settings. I mean multipliers and fixed amounts.
I worked with amounts that don’t exceed ten bucks and understood that execution was hassle-free, while the profitability of the ten-dollar investment didn’t suit me.
I think that ten bucks would be good for scalping because in this case you don’t risk a lot, but it will not suit you if you are not a scalper.
Scalping is not for me. I don’t have so much patience for this. I don’t want to open more than three trades a day, but I cautiously choose the right entry point. I tried to put 50 bucks at stake trading Bitcoin and this outcome finally suited me, even more than just suited me. So, I’m going to use 50 bucks as a fixed amount for Bitcoin. By the way, I managed to earn $154, trading different amounts, but mostly $50.


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I mostly traded currencies. I nearly got used to them but there’s something, which is very tough for me. That’s a psychological factor. I dislike trading under pressure. Sometimes I don’t feel it but in most cases stress is over there.
Fortunately, I have found a smart solution. There are assets that are not so stressful to trade compared to many other financial instruments. Now I trade this stuff and keep exploring the subject with great interest.


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I heard that stock trading is not so easy. It requires deep research. You are expected to learn everything about the company, whose stocks you are going to buy or sell.