Dawa Ya Kutibu Punda Minyoo


Village Elder
It has been used on humans for decades , what I realized over the last few months is the price in Kenya spiked a packet went up to 15k , esp when thing went south in India, had bought some and taken b4 the jab was available !

Tom Bayeye

Village Chief
Whats good for the horse is good for the donkey........and man.
I saw a japanese news interview where a doctor swears by ivermectin on folks and 1000 previously infected people were free from covid. Hio dawa si ya minyoo? Big conundrum ni the covid honchos know that there are meds to cure covid and are waaay cheaper so saa hii ni propaganda,"dont take horse meds" .Nilimeza four tabs of ivermectin nikiwa na kahoma kaingine funny.Stocko imewekwa kwa vault,soon nitakuwa pedi:D