Dark Mode Experimental + Privacy mode changes

Changed this mode to more of black but if you guys prefer the other colour then can bring it back over the weekend.

Also some of you were requesting for a privacy mode where when scrolling the ktalk logo and menu bar containing the name is hidden, So did that in this new dark, to access the menu bar if uko chini sana there is a helper hapo bottom left of the screen that you just tap on or click na utafika juu.

Some colours are still off but will work on them with time. If some of you preferred the previous colours then will create another theme with them, though kwangu they kinda looked off. All forms of feedback are welcomed

if you want to try it, enda bottom then select the black option

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Rudisha tu ile dark mode ya zamo


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kenventana aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyday. it's clear, bright and sections are easily seen because they're properly sectioned.