Senior Villager
Once the corona virus entered this country, people have been living in panic. They don't trust even their immediate neighbors. This is an indication that the corona virus is a very dangerous infection disease that has shut down the global economy; the stock market is experiencing a lot of losses unlike the previous years. The most shocking thing is that, both the developed nations and the developing nations are affected the same. Generally, the developing nations depend on the developed nations for the help especially when there is a serious outbreake of a dangerous disease like the corona virus.
Back in the times when corona hit firstly the vast majority of countries I was sure that it would go away very soon. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. Actually, there are several points of view on coronavirus. Of course it's a disastrous disease which has already taken an unimaginable amount of innocent lives, however there are some people who claim that coronavirus is effective for particular spheres of our life. For example, I guess that it's useful for world economic because crisis always affects economic in a way it's being restored, you know. Besides, it stabilizes political sphere as I think. Nevertheless, it's a very cruel disease anyway.