Coronavirus Lies


Village Elder
1. Masks protect from Corona - corona is airborne virus which also attaches itself in all objects and it's also carried by animals. If masks protect from corona, world could be free now from corona and people with masks 24/7 would not get it.

2. Lockdowns and Curfews stop the spread of Corona - governments has tried this ways but it has confronted them that they don't work and corona keep infecting people

3. Vaccines - vaccines are a lie. Outbreak in Israel after Israel was the first to vaccines all her citizens have proven this lie. 90% of people admitted with Corona today are the vaccinated. The vaccines don't protect you nor cure you from corona - after being vaccinated they bluntly tell you you can be infected, still continue were masks, etc - a SCAM

4. Social distancing - another lie. If indeed it works corona could not be in the world today

What beats corona - good health, no obesity (GYM), no junk foods, etc what world would tell you for they are making money lying to you with guns for hire doctors and professionals like Dr Fauci and politicians all over the world. Junk food is a big money industry they don't want to offend.