Budget ya 15k phone


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Tulisema iko na software issues
I had a Redmi Note 10 that was grabbed in traffic. Good camera (48mp), good storage. I had the 128GB with 256GB memcard. I miss that phone. I bought it after investing in all manner of phones including Nokias, Cubots, Samsungs and recenlty a LeTV x620(dont ask). I like Xiaomi premium features that come at a fraction of the cost. Most tech reviewers will say its one of the best budget phones. FYI software issues are fixed in security updates that most other phone manufactures don't have. I haven't seen any software issues spoken about here. I have another redmi and will possibly go back to the note
I know I put a post previously why phones should cost 30K at the very least. I know I got insulted here. But my advise is that you save up.

I know you will dismiss my counsel.. but it won't be the first time I got insulted but someone who came later on to thank me for my advice.

If you want a cheap phone tafuta a feature phone which will cut your budget by two-thirds. I highly recommend Nokias with a 5K tag. They have a camera, 4G, an app ecosystem and a secure OS. Try Kaios should be great.

Pesa weka kwa moneymarket ya Zimele and save up to 30 - 35K then buy a 2019/20 flagship. Galaxy 10se and even the 10 should be okay.