Explicit Bibi ya mtu

first of all too much details....this a very unique situation ...u never know whos reading so you can/have jeopardized the whole thing
Hehehe, Talkers wote wenye ni Army contractor wako radar saa hii...

Not that they are innocent pia.. wakikuja huwa wanavuruga sana na mabibi za wenyewe pia...

There is this married chic alinipatia simu yake nimwekee settings flani ndani.. after malizaing job, naona notifications some fella an army contractor as well huko afghanistan, anarusha mishale moto moto, na promises vile akirudi lazima wakutane... and I know the husband very well...
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Advise needed. Bibi ya mtu anataka nimtolee kutu kesho asubuhi. The husband works in Qatar for a US army contractor and since Corona broke out in Kenya, jamaa has said he won't come till a vaccine is found. He is diabetic and he fears contracting Covid might be fatal for him. The wife called me to his house today and I thought it was the usual chitchat but to my surprise she dropped the bombshell but requested we do an away game to avoid any chance of getting got by our spouses. Elders what do I do?
if the husband is a kamba by name that starts with letters *mu*..then the wife's name ni purity a kikuyu lady.......wacha utakuwa mzoga, ni beshte yangu na nitamwambia!
Mumewekewa secret cam kwa hao ama the huzzy is monitoring her private chats utadungwa mattercore ukiwa juu ya ikus ushangae. :D:D:D Cheza away game.
Remember hawa contractors in Middle East wanakuanga members wa killer squads huko...imagine ukikulia msee wa Rhino ama Kwekwe squad khupipi...
if the husband is a kamba by name that starts with letters *mu*..then the wife's name ni purity a kikuyu lady.......wacha utakuwa mzoga, ni beshte yangu na nitamwambia!
Sasa unataka ku destabilize jamaa huko Qatar mpaka ashindwe na kazi sababu ya Kunguru?...

punguza umama kizee, utageuziwa hiyo story ikuwe sasa wewe ndio mbaya... ubeste iishe...

halafu kunguru bado itakuliwa tuu... Let the guy discover by himself... (na mara mob hizi vitu mtu hujua tuu lakini anachorea) or he probably knows, but has come to terms with his situation... Wanaume hunyamazia mengi sana...
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Manze wachana na bibi ya wenyewe. Wasichana ni wengii. Plus your too close to her! utapatikana! Kichapo cha umbwa utakipata


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Chitchat should have been, chuma ndani!! That was the only chance you had!!
Now it's basically a suicide mission!, Abort


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Pro 6:27 Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?
Pro 6:28 Can one go upon hot coals, and his feet not be burned?
Pro 6:29 So he that goeth in to his neighbour's wife; whosoever toucheth her shall not be innocent.
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