Bestlady Thika - Vacant Shop


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I can tell that your anger is bubbling at the surface. You are very emotional calm down. At your age you shouldn't get emotional so easily like a woman.
Lmao takataka. Hio time yote unakuwanga nayo kutafuta homosexual jokes ungetumia kutafuta pesa ungekua unaishi west of Uhuru Highway kama wanaume wengine


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Usinianzie. Ulisema unahamia riverside lavington and we are supposed to take your word for it. Zero proof.
You are daft.. You expect me to upload high res pics-in an anonymous forum -?

I could actually be typing this from a bedsitter in Kondele or Kiandutu slums Thika.


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Thank you. This is insightful. A sort of freemium model where I charge for extra details. Will rework and experiment with this and more by the start of the year..
If you are planning to charge...charge from the beginning. Hakuna cha freemium, people will take the free stuff and not buy. That is startup school 101. If what you are offering is valuable, customers will have no problem paying for it so there is no need to give anything for free.


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This space was previously occupied by Bestlady Thika. So why would Bestlady vacate such a premises as above? They didn't ; the space was simply too big for them vis a vis the sales and rent. So they shifted to one half, and the other is empty. A Bestlady shop is a good signal of foot traffic; they do love congestion. It what makes them money.

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I hope that somebody is not being conned here... when was the shop closed? Who is the official letting agent?

Baby Panay

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Products zimekua available kila kona,from online to home delivery....and are cheaper. Bestlady might as well follow suit ama watabaki wamezubaa. No surprise here wamefunga considering wamama wanatumia more products now that they are indoors
Yap. Femeos are importing hair inaletwa kwa doorstep then wanaita salonist nyumbani.