Bakhmut: Things are not good for Ukraine


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Russian Wagner Group Depletes Ukrainian Forces in Bakhmut - Wall Street Journal.

A deadly fight with penal battalions threatens Kyiv's ability to launch a spring offensive.
“The Wagner fighter has no way to retreat. Their only chance to survive is to keep moving forward. And this tactic works, ” says the battalion commander of the 3rd assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukraine is taking heavy casualties at Bakhmut, which could undermine its ability to launch a spring offensive using new weapons supplied by the US and its allies.

Ukrainian combat losses are classified. Officers from some other brigades say several units, including some of the best trained, have been destroyed by fighting in the Bakhmut area in recent months.


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When mzito wetu putin defeats yukrane despite all the help yuess and germany and uk and their slaves give, that's when it will finally dawn to them that its a brave new multipolar world. The end of the hegemony.

Then countries of the world will be compelled to openly indicate where their affiliations lie. Either with the old bully and its usual modus operandi of coercion, coups and gayism, or the new world with freedom and mutual respect between the strong and the weak countries.