Baby class entry


Senior Villager
In the US we take our kids to preschool at 2 years in preparation for kindergarten at 5. You should do it soonest.

Preschool education is crucial for development

There is more and more scientific research that clearly indicates the existence of a sensitive period in the development of the brain in the early stages of human life, which determines the optimal development of the cerebral cortex.

Studies, including a 20-year longitudinal study, show that the more intellectual stimulation a child receives at the age of four, the more developed the parts of the brain devoted to language and cognition will be in the next decades of life, especially the brain region associated with semantic memory, processing the meanings of words, and responsible for general knowledge of the world.
It is dangerous to subject a child to academic pressures at an early age my sister. The intellectual faculties, just like all faculties, mature with time as ordained by nature and nature's God.


Village Elder
Kwanini unalipia mtoto wa baby class fee ya 90k? Kama wewe sio the big boys class badilisha mtoto shule it's not worth it.
it is worth it , 90k per year is cheap, most above average school is around 150k per year, 50k per term, but it is worth it, kid is in pp2 but can speak confidently and can read well than most grade 2 or 3 in public schools. you can't compare in terms of exposure , learning environment etc. . A firm foundation is worth it, so kaza mshipi lipa fees after all, ktalk mbirrionaires can easily afford 50k -70k per term , kuna ingine reception class peke in 70k per term.