Attachment styles and male sex addiction


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I came across this article "Attachment styles and male sex addiction" and think it explains most of the addictions some of us have, especially sex. After reading it, I agree with a talker who said that sex addictions have a root cause. It explains the four attachment styles and if you have an addiction, inasema uko na shida kutoka ukiwa mtoto mdogo:D:D. link to the article


The effect of the attachment style on talker's sexual behavior




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1. Securely attached; hiyo tu ni simps 15%, kama cohen. Usually die like sacrificial goats.
2. Avoidant; another way of saying wakora wa kawaida singo mathas and dry fry artists wengi sana 70%
3. Fearfully attached; sj patron tuseme ni 10%
4. Ambivalent; wankers about 5%
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