Anti Vaxers wameenda kuenda

Israel is 97% vaccinated na wanaenda mbaya saidi.
What the f**k are you talking about???
Israel had it the worst.....In January. Ata Delta was not as bad as January.
2. After Booster dose 3, cases are down .
Also,all those high delta infections were happening to two groups, Israeli Arabs and Haredi Jews, all of whom had vaccination rates under 50 percent. A simple reading of Israeli dailies in July and August would have shown you that cases of Delta were highest in Arab majority towns like Rehat and Nazareth and towns and citieslarge Haredi populations like Jerusalem,Bnei Brak and Modiin Iillit.
Not in the secular majority of Jews or their cities like Tel Aviv(which had restrictions in place because Bnei Brak is adjacent to the city) Beersheba, Ashdod or Ashkelon, all of which btw, had no restrictions because of Delta the way Jerusalem had for example.
So No.